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Elephants Are Disappearing (10:13)


Conservationists save the local elephant population by creating a wildlife haven in Kenya. The Samburu tribe runs the community governed Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in the Matthews Range. Caretakers prepare a different milk recipe for each elephant under the age of four. (Credits)

Save the Elephants (06:18)

David Daballen works for the conservation organization based in Kenya that studies elephant migration patterns and communication. It is difficult for orphans to survive in the wild. Caretakers at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary rehabilitate babies for reintroduction to the wild.

Wildlife Reintroduction (05:56)

The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary releases rehabilitated animals in the Namunyak Conservatory in northern Kenya. GPS collars help scientists study migration patterns and well-being. Keepers hope older animals will forget and want to return to the wild.

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Kenya's Elephant Moms

Part of the Series : Inside Africa - Series 3
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In rural Kenya, the Samburu community watched as elephants disappeared all around them. A community that once feared elephants has come up with a radical plan to save them.

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