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Liberian Film Industry (04:26)


Young filmmakers want to tell stories of Ebola's health crisis and offer hope. Lollywood does not have sponsors, unlike Bollywood and Nollywood. People relate better to personal stories.

Friendship and Filming (04:01)

Eddie Watson Jr., Nurudeen Sanni, and Cosme Pulano attend St. Patrick's School in Monrovia until the civil war erupts. Liberia has only one movie theater. "Hell's Gate" is set during the 2014 Ebola crisis; an epidemic is a global fight.

Personal Stories (08:33)

Watson Jr., Sanni, and Pulano hope that "Hell's Gate" will invigorate the Liberian film industry. Sanni cannot visit his family during the Ebola health scare. Liberians need to remember the past to learn for the future and heal from trauma.

Developing Film Industry (05:35)

An epidemic can occur at any time. Watson Jr. produces, acts, and directs while Sanni runs the lights, camera, and sound departments. Korto Davis makes most of her movies outside of Liberia.

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Liberia's Lollywood

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Filmmakers in the Liberian industry known as Lollywood weave together personal stories and a nation’s experience to tell a story of hope and revival out of the horrors of Ebola.

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