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Mauritius Eco-experiment (09:15)


The island is home to unique animal and plant species. Conservationists want to recreate a remnant forest on Ile aux Aigrettes; the Mascarene includes Mauritius, Reunion, and Rodrigues. Turtles help spread fruits that promote biodiversity.

Preserving Endangered Species (05:37)

The Mauritius fody thrives in the forest restoration habitat at Ile aux Aigrettes. Other species include pink pigeons, kestrels, and the eco-parakeet. Elisa Laverdant looks for nests and treats birds who suffer from trichinosis.

Restoring the Forest (02:10)

Pascale Mucktoom grows endemic plants in the nursery. A large corporation from the mainland arrives at Ile aux Aigrettes to learn about endemic horticulture.

"Learning with Nature" (05:14)

This program brings children to Ile aux Aigrettes for hands-on learning about conservation. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation aims to have more young people become conservationists. Interns from foreign countries discuss why they applied.

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Mauritius Eco Island

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Mauritius has embarked on an ambitious experiment to revive its rich biodiversity on a tiny protected island.

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