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Evolving Music Scene (03:41)


Traditional and electronic artists collaborate to create a new genre. Music for clubs is based on rhythm. Emile Hoogenhout travels to western Kenya to meet the Luo tribe; they originated the Dodo, Benga. and Rubenga styles.

Ugenya, Kenya (04:02)

Olith Ratego designs musical instruments when not making furniture. Radio has resulted in a loss of traditional voices. Musicians introduce Hoogenhout to traditional Luo music.

Nzoia River (07:08)

Ogoya Nengo sings while collecting water. Dodo is a celebratory music that makes people happy. Hoogenhout and Suraj Mandavia record the Luo performing traditional music with an orutu and ohangla drum.

Modern Equipment (03:52)

The Luo demonstrates how to make an ohangla drum. Hoogenhout establishes an outside recording studio using a push controller. Nengo sings, accompanied by traditional musical instruments.

Introducing New Music (04:10)

Hoogenhout and Olith Ratego collaborate at a studio in Nairobi. Ratego receives all the donations acquired from the track.

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Kenya Electronic Traditional Music

Part of the Series : Inside Africa - Series 3
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In Kenya, traditional and electronic musicians are collaborating to introduce a new kind of Kenyan music to the global stage.

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