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"Unicorns" (05:06)


Pantip Plaza is the prime location for cheap Bangkok electronics in Thailand. Startups need to attract funds from venture capitalists and incorporate tax incentive laws. True Digital Park helps entrepreneurs create new products. (Credits)

Hubba (02:23)

Thailand produces components for foreign manufacturers and is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Shared working spaces reduce costs and create a feeling of camaraderie. Techsauce tracks business and information technology news within the region.

aCommerce (02:58)

Tourists and a growing middle-class shop at EmQuartier in Bangkok. Over 90% of individuals in Thailand use mobile phones to purchase goods. Acommerce helps internet and retail sites market, distribute, and provide customer support.

Venture Capitalist Perspective (04:04)

Thailand tech startups need to cease being hyper-local to become a "unicorn." Pomelo focuses on an omnichannel approach, opening retail and eCommerce shops. In fast fashion, it takes a few weeks from design to sale.

Food Startups (07:53)

Farmers can use Bug Away drones to spray fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, reducing time and labor. Eatigo is a restaurant booking app that offers time-based discounts. Cookly offers over a 1,000 cooking classes in 30 countries.

Credits: Click Culture (00:05)

Credits: Click Culture

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Kristie Lu Stout takes the pulse of Thailand tech, to find out the pressure points as well as the unique opportunities for both local and foreign tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Length: 23 minutes

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