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Introduction: Coronavirus: How the World Is Changing (01:50)


Governments around the world implement restrictive measures to stop the spread of the disease. This film considers how the pandemic will economically and socially change the world.

Economic Revolution (06:14)

The coronavirus has halted the world economy and government interventions will have rippling effects. Viv Barrett reflects on the future. On March 20, 2020, Boris Johnson announces the closure of all pubs. Some High Street businesses may not recover.

Workplace Revolution (03:13)

The COVID-19 lockdown has led to a high number of people working from home, many will likely continue once restrictions lift. The divide between those who work from home and essential workers widens.

Who's Important? (03:58)

Over 1 million care workers continue working during the COVID-19 lockdown. Glynnis Wisbey needs more help to care for her daughter with brain damage. Experts reflect on shifting attitudes toward various types of work.

Stolen Childhoods (07:19)

On March 18, 2020, Johnson announces school closures. Students spend a final day at Birkwood Primary School. Less than 10% of children in Britain attend school; not all students can access online learning. Generations will be financially responsible for government bailouts.

An Unequal Burden (03:36)

The pandemic deepens economic and social divides; one in three children live in poverty. The economic shutdown will impact some areas of Great Britain more than others.

A Nation of Volunteers (06:58)

In Britain, nearly 750,000 people volunteer to help the National Care Service. A 17-year-old leads a group of A-level students who offer help wherever needed. Natalie Parks runs a volunteer hub where volunteers do the shopping for vulnerable populations.

Behind Closed Doors (03:31)

Experts in Britain state that some form of social isolation may last six to 12 months. Throughout the world, domestic violence incidents have significantly increased. Experts predict a spike in divorce rates and mental health problems.

Travel Transformed? (02:15)

The COVID-19 lockdown halts non-essential travel. The future is precarious for the aviation industry. More localized vacationing offers hope for holiday towns.

A Change in the Climate? (03:15)

Satellite images reveal a significant reduction of air pollution in several countries, providing health and climate benefits. As China emerges from lockdown, pollution levels rise.

A New Politics? (04:01)

In Britain, a conservative government manages significant public spending pledges, introducing a socialist state. Party politics has become less caustic. The pandemic forces people to think differently.

Credits: Coronavirus: How the World Is Changing (00:42)

Credits: Coronavirus: How the World Is Changing

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As Coronavirus takes hold of the world, this documentary investigates the long-term effects of the outbreak and asks how the deadly Covid-19 is changing Britain and the wider world in the long-term. As the death toll rises, we look at everything from seismic changes in economic policy to shifts in the way we view and treat other people, and from a drop in pollution to the widening of the gaps between rich and poor, young and old and North and South. This film asks what a post-Covid 19 Britain, torn apart by the disease, might look like.

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