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Introduction—Mindfulness: A New Therapeutic Pathway? (01:45)


Meditation is increasing in popularity and is widely accepted in Western society. Experts recognize that mediation affects many regions of the brain.

Mindfulness Meditation (06:07)

Meditation is a whole-body experience. Dr. Christophe Andre introduces the practice to Sainte-Anne Hospital. A group begins a mindfulness exercise. Meditation reduces the risk of depressive relapse by 50%.

Limbic Brain and Neuroplasticity (06:29)

Neuroscientist Gaelle Desbordes studies meditation's effect on the amygdala. Prof. Richard Davidson states that long-term meditation alters several areas of the brain and goes beyond mental health.

UMass Center for Mindfulness in Medicine (05:29)

Participants with a variety of conditions engage in meditation and mindfulness practices; some share their testimonies. Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn discusses combining Western medicine and Eastern thought.

Meditation and the Immune System (05:49)

Meditation reduces stress and fights excessive reactions that can result in inflammatory diseases. Melissa Rosenkranz and her colleagues perform the Trier social stress test and study saliva results.

Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (03:45)

Prof. Corinne Isnard-Bagnis introduces patients with a variety of ailments to mindfulness meditation, helping them to become more active in their treatment.

Mindfulness and Pain Relief (08:03)

The prevalence of opiate use for pain treatment leads to increased addiction. Experts discuss the body's pain matrix and the brain's influence. Meditation helps alleviate the anxious anticipation of pain.

Shamatha Project (08:11)

Prof. Clifford Saron's team, including geneticists and molecular biologists, document the effects of meditation. Experts discuss the role and behavior of telomeres.

Mont Sainte-Odile (04:12)

Health professionals train to obtain a meditation diploma. The separation of medical disciplines is starting to diminish; there is a science of mindfulness. Experts hope that meditation becomes a routine practice.

Credits: Mindfulness: A New Therapeutic Pathway? (00:30)

Credits: Mindfulness: A New Therapeutic Pathway?

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Over the past decade, meditation has enjoyed meteoric success in the Western world. Today, however far removed it may be from the traditional approaches of Western medicine, millions of enthusiasts claim it offers great benefits. This documentary has some astonishing revelations in store. Specific cases are illustrated by patient feedback and scientific research conducted by leading experts.

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