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Symbolic Interactionism (04:11)


This film examines the authors of symbolic interactionism—George Herbert Mead, Charles Horton Cooley, Herbert Blumer, and Erving Goffman.

George Herbert Mead (03:05)

Mead's book "Mind, Self, and Society" is the foundational text of symbolic interactionism. He writes that social interactions create self, leading to the idea of differences between the me and the I.

Charles Horton Cooley (02:09)

Cooley believed that what an individual thinks that others think about them creates self. He called it the looking glass self.

Herbert Blumer (03:27)

Blumer coined the name symbolic interactionism. He believed humans act based on the meaning they have to a person. That meaning is created by social interaction with others.

Erving Goffman (05:09)

Goffman wrote "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life." He believed daily social interactions are a type of theatrical performance for the individual.

Credits: Symbolic Interactionism (00:29)

Credits: Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic Interactionism

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Looking at the theory of symbolic interactionism, this program provides a filmic synopsis of the theories of George Herbert Mead, Herbert Blumer, Charles Horton Cooley, and Irving Goffman. It also suggests a critique of this theoretical perspective in general.

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