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Introduction: Networld War (02:11)


Niall Ferguson briefly reviews the first two episodes. Foreign forces intent on division attack our networks. Ferguson questions susceptibility, a war against Chinese networks, and why it takes a network to defeat a network.

Decentralized Network (04:26)

After 9/11, the Bush Administration wages military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gen. Stanley McChrystal discusses recognizing terrorist organization infrastructure as a network and command response.

Terrorist Network (05:25)

Al-Qaeda remnants form ISIS. U.S. focus on cyber warfare ignores information war. Al-Qaeda utilizes social media to spread radical Islam; Samir Khan makes jihad relevant to the next generation. Khuram Zaman examines ISIS propaganda.

Vulnerability of Networks (06:09)

In 2016, hackers use social media to influence politics. Twin Falls, ID becomes a center of orchestrated fake news; it results in community division.

Russian Disinformation (09:07)

Russian hackers mimic facets of American society and disseminate fake news and extreme views through social media, contributing to discontent. Ferguson discusses Cold War propaganda and information warfare. Steve Bannon runs a targeted campaign for Donald Trump.

Big Tech Geopolitics (05:55)

Silicon Valley is pitted against tech giants in China—FANG vs BAT. Ke Jei's loss to AlphaGo spurs Chinese investment in artificial intelligence development.

Network Platform Growth (06:50)

In 2018, China accounts for 48% of AI venture funding. The government's relationship with network platforms is different than in the West; the Politburo's priority is to address political protest. Sina Weibo is China's most popular social media platform.

Chinese Social Credit System (03:48)

A phone app identifies debt defaulters within 500 meters. Experts discuss credit ratings, infractions, and punishments.

Huawei (04:09)

The telecommunications company employs 180,000 and has operations in 180 countries; it is a world leader in AI and 5G. Joe Kelly discusses the transportation management system.

New Cold War? (05:33)

The U.S. is in a network platform competition with China. Heavy regulation will hinder Facebook's competitive abilities. Strive Masiyiwa discusses African internet structure. Ferguson reviews the main topics discussed in this film.

Credits: Networld War (00:31)

Credits: Networld War

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Host Niall Ferguson focuses on the geopolitics of our interconnected world. With lessons from the fight against terrorism in Iraq, Russian attempts to divide Americans through social media and the rise of an internet-powered surveillance state in China, Ferguson shows how our democracies are under threat from forces that exploit and weaponize the social networks we invented.

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