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Introduction: Battle for Hong Kong (03:23)


A young woman records a message for her parents. In October 2019, protestors surround an off-duty police officer and attack. This film follows five protestors.

Hong Kong Politics (04:45)

Hong Kong, once a British colony, has special status but the government is accountable to China. In June 2019, protestors, including Momo, march against an extradition bill and it turns violent. Lomi sees the event as a turning point.

Hong Kong Protest (05:44)

Lomi fights for freedom; Hong Kong's special status will end in 2047. She and her team prepare for a demonstration. Police fire tear gas, charge protestors, and make arrests; Lomi and her team escape.

"Liberate Hong Kong" (04:38)

Vincent grew up in mainland China before moving to Hong Kong. Protestors target lampposts with cameras and sensors. Vincent watches video of the Tiananmen Square massacre and later joins a demonstration.

Pro-Democracy Demonstrations (03:01)

Agnes is a veteran protestor and known to authorities; she will soon go on trial. Police deem most demonstrations illegal; Agnes speaks before a crowd.

City Struggles (05:41)

Momo has been protesting for months and her views have changed. Hong Kong residents are divided about how to proceed. Lomi and her team plan to undermine a National Day celebration; Vincent will also protest.

Beijing National Day, 2019 (07:39)

Xi Jingping presides over China's celebration of its emergence as a global power. In Hong Kong, protestors take to the streets and a group attacks a Chinese tourist. Police close in on Lomi's team and Momo moves to the front line,

Emergency Regulation Ordinance (04:15)

The Honk Kong government invokes new measures to stop demonstrations and formally withdraws the extradition bill. Hardliners, including Li, take control of the Chinese University campus before joining protestors at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (06:34)

The police surround approximately 2,000 protestors, including Lomi and Li, at the university and violence occurs. Lomi and her team plan to escape; police move in and arrest 1,377 people.

Protestor Update (05:41)

Momo worries about arrest but continues to protest. Vincent fears visiting his father in mainland China. Lomi seeks refuge in Taiwan and reflects on the future of Hong Kong. Agnes continues to await trial. Li vows to keep fighting.

Credits: Battle for Hong Kong (01:01)

Credits: Battle for Hong Kong

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Battle for Hong Kong

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With unique access inside the battle for Hong Kong, FRONTLINE follows five protesters through the most intense clashes over several months of pro-democracy protests. The film examines their struggle against growing influence from the communist government of China.

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