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Diego Maradona: Introduction (05:10)


This segment orients viewers to the Argentine football player, his career, and social activities.

Napoli Player (04:05)

In July 1984, Maradona gives a press conference at the Stadio San Paolo before addressing the crowd. SSC Napoli president Corrado Ferlaino intervenes when a reporter asks about the Camorra.

Italian Football (08:45)

Maradona reflects on leaving Barcelona for Naples; he learns to adapt to a different style of play. Napoli finishes in eight place in the 1984-1985 season. Neapolitans love Maradona and football.

Maradona's Background (06:03)

Maradona trains with Fernando Signorini who describes two sides of Maradona. Maradona grows up poor with his four sisters in Villa Fiorito; football is his salvation. His skill improves the family's living situation.

Playing Through Adversity (04:37)

Maradona his happy playing for Napoli, despite the team regularly enduring insults. He reflects on scoring a goal against Juventus in November 1985; his popularity among Neapolitans increases.

Maradona's Relationships (06:09)

Maradona befriends Carmine Giuliano and his family. Maradona and girlfriend Claudia Villafane reflect on their relationship. Maradona and Cristiana Sinagra have an affair and she becomes pregnant.

FIFA World Cup: Mexico (13:50)

During Maradona's second season, Napoli finishes third in the league. In 1986, Argentina competes against Italy, England, and Belgium before defeating West Germany to win the cup.

World Cup Champions (04:03)

Maradona and his teammates celebrate their 1986 victory. Crowds mob Maradona at the Buenos Aires Airport and gather in the streets to celebrate. Maradona reflects on his success.

Family Scandal (04:03)

Sinagra gives birth in 1986 and publicly names Maradona as the father. Villafane recalls hearing the news while she was two months pregnant; Maradona denies the claim.

Winning Season (08:36)

Maradona is happy with Napoli's performance during the 1986-1987 season; they win the league title. Maradona spends time with Villafane and their baby in Buenos Aires.

League Champions (04:51)

Crowds gather in the streets to celebrate Napoli's title win. Ciro Ferrara describes the victory as social redemption; Napoli qualifies for the UEFA Cup. Maradona becomes god-like to Neapolitans and fans and journalists shadow his movements.

Drug Use (04:16)

Gennaro Montuori recalls Maradona using cocaine. Maradona discusses his addiction and interactions with the Camorra; Villafane describes him as a different person.

Football and Cocaine (07:03)

Napoli wins the 1989 UEFA Cup Final. After the game, Maradona asks Ferlaino to sell his contract. Maradona describes his activities during the 1989-1990 season.

Maradona/Naples Relationship (05:49)

Maradona suffers back pain and receives injections so he can continue to play football. Daniel Arcucci recalls interviewing Maradona and encountering Giuliano. Napoli competes in the final game of the season and wins a second title.

FIFA World Cup: Italy (10:54)

Italo Cucci describes increasing public dislike for Maradona; the crowds boo when he takes the field. Italy and Argentina compete in the 1990 semi-finals. Maradona kicks the winning goal for Argentina and his protection in Italy collapses.

Public Reaction (03:14)

A survey suggests Maradona is the most hated person in Italy. Argentina competes against West Germany in the 1990 World Cup Finals. Four months later, Maradona attends the Napoli team Christmas party.

"Operation China" (06:15)

January 1991 wiretap recordings capture Maradona requesting prostitutes and "gear." In February, the Carabinieri releases a public statement. Officials charge Maradona with possession of drugs with intent to traffic and he goes to trial; Maradona plea bargains.

Doping Downfall (04:32)

After a game in March 1991, drug screening reveals traces of cocaine in Maradona's urine. He is banned for over a year and he and Villafane leave Naples. Police arrest Maradona in Buenos Aires.

Public Persona (07:07)

In 2004, Maradona gives a television interview about his struggles with addiction and stay at the psychiatric hospital. Experts reflect on Maradona's responsibility, fame, career, and downfall.

Maradona Update (01:22)

See clips of Maradona on the pitch and training. After 30 years of denial, Maradona acknowledges his relationship with Sinagra and his son Diego Jr. (Credits)

Credits: Diego Maradona (04:59)

Credits: Diego Maradona

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