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Soil Biology: Part 1

Item #: 203928

Soil Biology: Part 2

Item #: 203929

Properties of Soil

Item #: 203930

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Soil Biology

The Series Includes : Soil Biology: Part 1 | Soil Biology: Part 2 | Properties of Soil
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From easily visible earthworms to microscopic bacteria, this series offers valuable information on the roles and interactions of the soil's flora and fauna. It shows how soil biology relates to soil horizons, porosity, water holding capacity, and other physical properties of soil. While soil fertility is often measured by a soil's chemical, mineral, and organic matter content, new research is presented on how the many species of mesofauna can be extracted from the soil, and then used as indicators of soil fertility. The series examines soil pests as well as beneficial life forms found in the soil, considers human attitudes towards soil organisms and explains how opinions can develop which are not always based on science. Clear narration, effective use of graphics, and fascinating photomicrography bring into focus the many life forms in the soil of our farms and landscapes.

Length: 74 minutes

Item#: FPT203927

ISBN: 978-1-64867-639-0

Copyright date: ©2002

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