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Seeds Introduction (01:57)


Germinating seeds is the simplest method of propagation. This program covers plant propagation and seed germination techniques.

What is Plant Propagation? (05:05)

Plant propagation is the reproduction of plants using parts of a parent plant, like a seed. There are two types: seed and vegetative reproduction. Genetic variation in seeds allows for the propagation of different plants.

Getting Ready for Sowing (05:49)

Many common seeds can be collected by hand or purchased after threshing. Plug trays are the best way to begin seed germination. Choosing the right germination medium and water equipment is important.

Germination and Quiescence (01:38)

Quiescence is the inactive state of seeds; it can last for months based on environmental conditions. For most seeds, water, proper temperature, and oxygen begins germination.

Sowing Techniques (06:40)

Most seed packs list the best temperature for germination. Seeds should be buried three times deeper than the width of the seed. Seeding can be done by hand with simple tools or with machines.

Special Germination Requirements (05:07)

Common germination requirements include scarification, soaking, stratification, light exposure, and darkness. Some seeds are perishable and must be sowed immediately.

Seedling Culture & Transplanting (05:17)

A common cause of germination failure is the germination mix becoming too dry. Protecting seeds from pests, like birds, is also important. Fungi in the soil causes damping off.

Credits: Science of Propagation, Volume 1: Seeds (00:33)

Credits: Science of Propagation, Volume 1: Seeds

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This program covers many manual sowing techniques, as well as the use of semiautomatic and fully automatic vacuum seeders. It explores the advantages seeds have and studies genetic variation, hybrids, seed anatomy, stages of germination, harvesting, winnowing, and threshing techniques. It discusses the many special germination requirements, such as scarification, stratification, overcoming chemical inhibition, seed dormancy, and quiescence. It also considers the tools and techniques needed for seedling culture and transplanting.

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