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Introduction: Finding the Way Home (00:59)


Orphanages around the world are home to over 8 million children; most of whom are not orphans. This film will follow the story of six families.

Moldova: Maria and Maria (08:57)

Maria, 11-years-old, introduces her mother also named Maria, and reflects on joining a new family. Adult Maria discusses becoming a foster parent and the emotional and physical challenges they face; young Maria has cerebral palsy.

Haiti: Gertrude and Diego (04:27)

In 2010, an earthquake kills 200,000 people and devastates the economy; the number of orphanages drastically increases. Gertrude explains why she sent her son to an orphanage; she and Diego recall abuses at the institution.

Haiti: Pastor Jonathas Vernet (09:15)

Vernet discusses operating an orphanage from his home and its forced closure; he provides a tour of his new orphanage. Over 80% of orphanages are not registered with the government. The Institute of Social Welfare closes Vernet's orphanage. Gertrude makes a promise to Diego.

Bulgaria: Dima and Isus (11:11)

The government has a history of encouraging parents of children with disabilities to send them to institutions; it begins closing institutes in 2010. Dima discusses fostering Isus who lived with 38 other children at Krushari Children's Institute. Isus has a checkup and celebrates his 15th birthday.

Nepal: Bishnu, Chhata, and Putali (05:55)

The remote and poverty stricken area of Humla is vulnerable to child trafficking. Chhata and Putali discuss being tricked by a trafficker. Bishnu recalls life at an orphanage in Kathmandu, forced servitude, and beatings.

Nepal: Next Generation Nepal (03:55)

The rescue organization reunites trafficked children with their families. Workers describe rescue efforts and helping Bishnu; the teen will begin a higher education program.

Brazil: "Crack Orphans" (09:01)

Crack use in Brazil is the highest of any nation. Kinship Care places children with relatives and offers support groups. Karina, Kettelyn, and Karolina live with their grandmother and spend time at ACER Community Center; Christina describes their family history.

India: Livya and Maria (07:30)

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children are abandoned; the majority are girls. Maria recalls her desire for a child. Sister Valentina discusses opening an orphanage; Livya reflects on family.

Family Updates (01:26)

Maria's walking continues to improve. Diego attends school with his siblings. Dima continues to care for Isus. Bishnu attends an agricultural program. Karina, Kettelyn, Karolina, and Livya continue to flourish.

Credits: Finding the Way Home (01:35)

Credits: Finding the Way Home

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Finding the Way Home highlights the painful realities of the eight million children living in orphanages and other institutions around the world, focusing on the stories of eight children who have been reunited with family members or placed in loving foster homes after experiencing the trauma of institutionalization. The film shares insights from families, social workers and dedicated foster parents to illustrate what it truly means to be home. Heartbreaking, enlightening and uplifting, Finding the Way Home visits overcrowded children’s institutions, nurturing foster homes and reunited households to trace a complex path through both state-run and private orphanages – from Moldova to  Nepal. Inspired by the work of J.K. Rowling’s foundation Lumos, directed and produced by Emmy®-winners Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill, and with narration by Oscar®-winning actor Eddie Redmayne, Finding the Way Home brings to light the many factors – poverty, discrimination, drug addiction, war, natural disaster – that bring children to these institutions, and instills hope for a world where every child has a home.

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