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I. There Is One God (02:15)


Jews in antiquity believed the God of Israel was a universal god who punished their sins through their defeat.

Jerusalem: God's Address (03:35)

Hear letters written by Christians and addressed to God in Jerusalem. Tzipora Piltz gives young Jewish women a tour of the Mount of Olives and explains why the Israeli government forbids anyone from praying at the Temple Mount.

II. A Portable Fatherland (02:44)

Judaism is a reaction to the experience of exile; the religion needs neither king nor state. Biblical descriptions of Jerusalem during King David's time are ideological.

Serving a Higher Power (03:48)

Jerusalem's leaders have historically supported the city's sacred designation. Christians worship in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Christianity embraces all people; Judaism sees God as having a special relationship to Israel. Worshipers wedge messages to God in Western Wall cracks.

Tensions at Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount (08:23)

A woman wakes her son to eat and pray before sunrise. She is banished from Al-Aqsa Mosque for having protested. A docent shows visitors the place where Muslims believe Muhammad ascended to heaven. Jewish and Muslim activists insult one another.

Coexisting Faiths (03:33)

Administrative employees print emails written to God and deliver them to the Western Wall. An elderly man panhandles to visitors of different faiths. A man sets off a firework as a muezzin calls Muslims to prayer.

III. The Final Revelation (03:32)

Hear an explanation of Muhammad's relationship to Christianity and Judaism. The Quran is believed to have been written in heaven. Muslims gather to pray outside Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Celebrating Jerusalem's Liberation (04:19)

Jewish priests wash their hands and feet while men sacrifice and roast a ram. A Muslim woman voices concern about Jewish intrusions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan.

IV. A Place for all Religions (03:53)

In 1852, Sultan Abdul Majid issued the Status Quo Declaration to preserve religious brotherhood and tolerance in Jerusalem. The evolution of monotheism led to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity laying theological claim to Jerusalem.

V. The Key is Under the Mattress (03:08)

In 1947, the U.N. partitioned Palestine and proposed to govern Jerusalem's holy sites—a plan rejected by Palestinians. Upon withdrawal in 1948, the British were vague about who was to control Palestine. Workers clear messages to God from the Western Wall.

VI. A Total Loss (02:48)

Palestinians had hoped to regain sovereignty in the 1967 war, but lost control of holy sites. Jordan and the Al-Waqf reached an agreement with Israel to keep the Haram al-Sharif a Muslim sanctuary. Jewish activists chant in the old city.

Western Wall Rally (02:56)

Piltz and her children attend a demonstration laying claim to the Temple Mount; Israel's Minister of Education speaks.

VII. One Truth, One God (07:01)

Theologian Thomas Rom discusses the dilemma of monotheism. The status quo prevails at Haram al-Sharif but violence escalates after Palestinians kill two Israeli police and are shot. Muslim and Jewish activists protest and pray outside the complex.

Credits: Jerusalem: God's Address (00:31)

Credits: Jerusalem: God's Address

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Jerusalem: God's Address

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Israel and Palestine is an arena for one of the most notorious conflicts in the world. The routine of living in a Jerusalem, is a city that contains one God interpreted by the three monotheistic faiths—situated at the crossroad between heaven and earth, the center of global history, and home to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This documentary journeys through the eye of the storm to the Haram al Sharif / Temple Mount, examining the ways in which religious and political perspectives manifest upon contemporary life. How is it possible that such a godforsaken place continues to bear enormous implications upon the rest of the world — why Jerusalem?

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