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Tenth Greatest: Bagger 293 (04:46)


The Bagger 293 is the largest land-bound machine ever made and requires five operators. Its singular purpose is to dig through the Hambach mine; it produces 40 million tons of coal yearly.

Ninth Greatest: Gabi I (04:10)

The longest machine ever is the Gobi I tunnel borer, used by Switzerland's Gatthard project to dig underground train channels through granite. Steel disc cutters slice rock before it is pushed out by conveyor belt.

Eight Greatest: The Silver Spade (05:33)

Mahoning Valley Mine uses the 60 meters tall Silver Spade nearly nonstop to shovel earth, exposing coal seams below. It is easy to operate, but difficult to move and requires daily inspection and continuous lubrication of 700,000 components.

Seventh Greatest: Caterpillar 657E (05:55)

The Caterpillar is the biggest, most powerful scraper, featuring advanced technologies and reliable dual engines. It digs, loads, carries, and dumps large loads efficiently over short distances, and used for major civilian and military construction.

Sixth Greatest: Le Tourneau L2350 (03:42)

This wheel loader was designed for operating in large mines; it is versatile and fast, loading a 240-ton truck in one minute. Tire rubber is 16 inches thick and filled with nitrogen to keep cool.

Fifth Greatest: Bucyrus 8200 (04:46)

This 355 foot tall walking dragline moves 115,000 kilos of earth over 180 meters in one minute using superior engineering, power, and technologies. It is used to remove overburden covering coal seams.

Fourth Greatest: Terex RH 400 (04:57)

Terex RH 400 is the biggest, most powerful hydraulic excavator, lifting 85,000 kilos of material in one scoop. It was designed to dig in Alberta oil sands, with self-regulating tension tracks preventing it from sinking.

Third Greatest: Komatsu D575A III (05:31)

The world's largest bulldozer is the Komatsu D575A 3 Super Dozer; its massive blade and 1,150 horsepower turbocharged engine push 227,000 kilos. It is comfortable for operators and has improved production at mines.

Second Greatest: Liebherr T282 B (03:46)

This haul truck is the size of an office block and capable of 40 mile per hour speeds. It is a simply engineered diesel electric drive with an engine weighing 9000 kilos.

Greatest Ever: JCB Backhoe Loader (06:54)

The JCB backhoe loader is a hydraulic digger designed for multiple functions; 325,000 have been sold worldwide and 500 attachments are available, lending great versatility.

Credits: Episode VI: Earth Movers and Diggers (00:30)

Credits: Episode VI: Earth Movers and Diggers

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