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Controversy and Euthanasia (06:16)


Issues surrounding euthanasia fuel debate among those who support and those who reject the right of individuals to choose how and when to die. Compassionate assistance to die is murder in the eyes of the law.

A Disabled Person's Story (01:42)

Baroness Jane Campbell, who is disabled, tells her story and discusses issues around euthanasia.

Roll of the Doctor (03:01)

A doctor's main function is always to do what is best for the patient. In some cases, letting the patient die might be best; in other cases, palliative care is best.

Euthanasia in Switzerland (01:36)

People who can afford to go to Switzerland can find a doctor to legally help them die. Doctors support euthanasia in cases where the choice is purely voluntary on the patient's part.

Religion and Euthanasia (03:30)

In most religions there is a breadth of positions on euthanasia. Non-religious people and organizations express a range of opinions about euthanasia.

Organizations and Euthanasia (01:51)

Around the world organizations such as Dying with Dignity are campaigning for the right of individuals to choose how and when they die. The organization Care Not Killing advocates against euthanasia.

Euthanasia for the Wrong Reasons? (05:45)

Many elderly and disabled people may choose euthanasia not because they are ill or dying but because they do not wish to be burdens on families or society. Fear among disabled persons concerns whether others want them out of the way.

Credits: "Euthanasia" (00:36)

Credits: "Euthanasia"

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Euthanasia: Medical Ethics—Real-World Applications

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If death comes without suffering, under the care of a physician and requested by an individual who desires peace and closure, what are the grounds for stopping it? This program investigates the various moral, religious, and philosophical perspectives surrounding euthanasia. Highlighting both pro and con arguments in the debate as it has taken shape in the United Kingdom, the video features such prominent figures as Lord Joel Joffe, who brought to Parliament a bill supporting assisted suicide, and Baroness Jane Campbell—a disabled peer who was at one time given a “do not resuscitate” notice and who now strongly opposes euthanasia. A short dramatic segment provides context with an illuminating, emotionally charged narrative. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. Part of the series Medical Ethics: Real-World Applications. (25 minutes)

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