Titles in this Series

What Are Animals Saying?

Item #: 191961

What's Living in You?

Item #: 191962

Are We Alone?

Item #: 191963

Can We Build a Brain?

Item #: 191964

Can We Make Life?

Item #: 191965

What's the Universe Made of?

Item #: 191966

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NOVA Wonders is a fresh, lively series that makes complicated concepts accessible while taking a deep dive into the scientific process. Each episode poses a single big scientific question and takes viewers along on a journey to explore how far we've come in our quest for answers, and how we've managed to get here. Among the intriguing topics pondered are the secret language of animals, what's hidden in the human body, the artificial intelligence technologies that could rival and surpass the abilities of the human mind, the controversial power to engineer life in a lab, and the mysteries of the universe.

Length: 318 minutes

Item#: FPT195844

Copyright date: ©2018

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