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Introduction: Imagination (04:37)


Work is an active and living area of human involvement, affecting the social nature of our lives. Individuals need to re-devote themselves to work for the pleasure of creating, giving, and learning. The definitions for the role of the artist need to be changed.

Joseph Beuys (10:35)

The process of living is a creative act; all human beings are artists. Beuys' sculptures examines the energies that give direction and meaning to life. He installs the "Plight" exhibition at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery.

Antony Gormley (10:30)

An assistant creates a body cast of Gormley for an upcoming sculpture. The artist tries to unite his physical and mental self during poses. The need to link the real and ideal is in perpetual tension.

Miriam Cahn (08:47)

"Strategic Places" captures the feeling of flying or hovering over landscapes. Cahn describes her creative process as "reading in dust." She portrays female figures with an emotional history in her drawings.

Howard Hodgkin (08:04)

People scrutinize luxury fine art pieces more carefully; anyone can become a connoisseur or make comparisons. Hodgkin collects Indian miniatures and has been a trustee at the Tate and National Galleries. The artist describes his creative process and how he realizes a picture is completed.

Susan Hiller (07:21)

Artists focus on issues, images, and problems that need to be examined by society and discover an outward manifestation. Hiller incorporates installations, recordings, writings, and photography to erode the boundary between dream and waking life.

Credits: Imagination (01:14)

Credits: Imagination

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What is it that artists do? Is it just skilled labor or pure inspiration? Do artists have a special kind of creativity? What is the work in art, and in what ways do we find art in work? These questions are explored by major artists with very different approaches to their creation: Joseph Beuys, who is observed installing his major installation Plight at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery in London; sculptor Antony Gormley, filmed creating a plaster cast from his body; the Swiss artist Miriam Cahn and the painter Howard Hodgkin, who both speak with insight and passion about how they approach making marks on canvases; and Susan Hiller, who works with a wide range of media—making as each of the participants in the film do—imaginative transformations of raw materials.

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