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Introduction: History (06:38)


The world constantly grows larger but is also falling apart. A post-industrial society emerges after World War II. Experts discuss the characteristics of living in the 1970s.

Post-Modern Era (03:48)

The modern era dates back to the Enlightenment. Artists and philosophers discuss how society has transitioned into an advanced industrial world and divided its people.

Architectural Language (02:20)

People erect buildings to generate pleasure about living in a space. Architects cannibalize past styles and call it "Neo."

Carlo Maria Mariani (08:28)

The artist creates a series of portraits done in a neo-classical style of contemporary art world figures such as Andy Warhol and Francesco Clemente. There is great poetry in nostalgia. Other work includes "It is forbidden to awaken the Gods" and "Angelica Kauffman."

Anselm Kiefer (08:55)

Fascists look at the past and attempt to prove their actions are the culmination of their country's history. Works highlighted include "To the Unknown Painter," "Uraeus," and "Wayland's Song." Paul Celan's poem "Death Fugue" is the inspiration for the "Shulamite" and "Margareta" series.

Jorg Immendorff (08:01)

The "Café Deutschland" series examines the root causes of history, emphasizing the German Student Movement of 1968. Immendorff wants to criticize society and communicate his sense of unease. Other inspirations include A.R. Penck and the division between East and West Germany.

Jonathan Borofsky (11:43)

Borofsky describes his creative process for painting "The Running Man" on the Berlin Wall for the "Zeitgeist" exhibition. Other works highlighted include "The Hammering Man," "Man with Briefcase," "Prisoners," and his doodle series. To grow, individuals need to explore areas where they are limited.

Credits: History (01:26)

Credits: History

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A richly visual opening montage introduces key ideas about the modern world and post-modern ways of understanding its complexities. Ideas from Fredric Jameson, Susan Sontag, Jean-Francois Lyotard, and others, as well as contributions from artists including Victor Burgin and Lubaina Himid, establish core ideas that underpin the series as a whole. The film then explores responses to history and memory in the work of four artists: the Italian painter Carlo Maria Mariani, who is seen with his series of portraits done in a neo-classical style of contemporary art world figures; the canvases of the German artist Anselm Kiefer, whose huge canvases and sculptures are set against the buildings and other traces of the Nazi past; the painter Jorg Immendorff, who similarly engages directly with German history in his Café Deutschland series; and the American Jonathan Borofsky, who explores history and memory in more allusive and fragmentary ways.

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