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"Ospedale" (02:23)


Stealing someone else's image is a common theme in Dryden Goodwin's art. It is important to feel unsettled when viewing his work. Goodwin describes transitioning from drawing to films.

"Heathrow" (04:28)

Drawing is a tool of investigation. In "29 Drawings of the Same Photograph," Goodwin investigates a system of transferring something from three dimensions into two.

Film Loop Films (04:01)

"Two Thousand and Three" depicts people at a protest march in London. Viewers watch a frenetic film before examining portrayed individuals in still images. Goodwin describes the structure of the series.

"Closer" (06:05)

"Reveal" depicts Goodwin drawing an image of a stranger who is speaking to him. In "Cradle," he draws over the surface of an individual's photograph. Drawing is a projection of desire.

"Flight" (04:03)

A drawing is a projection of something else; the film features animated sketches. Goodwin incorporates ambient sound, instrumentation, and voice in the score.

"Dilate" (05:08)

Goodwin creates a rig where eight cameras record images in a ring. The video installation is projected onto screens mounted in an octagon shape above the audience.

Credits: Dryden Goodwin (00:40)

Credits: Dryden Goodwin

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Dryden Goodwin

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At the heart of Dryden Goodwin’s art is a fascination with drawing. But the ways in which he explores this age-old practice are anything but traditional. He combines drawing with photography, film and large-scale screen-based installations. He is engaged with time as well as line, and with the sculptural potential of two-dimensional images. Other concerns in his art are also strongly contemporary: the city, ideas of public and private, voyeurism, desire, and emotional distance. Many of Dryden Goodwin’s key works are featured in this profile, including his early animations like Heathrow (1994) and the three-screen installation Closer (2002) which features covert video footage of strangers in the city whose features the artist is tracing with a laser pen. He discusses the ambitious eight-screen Dilate (2003) and his most recent film Flight (2006), which is presented in a gallery alongside a display of the thousands of drawings that he made for its production.

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