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Introduction: Nationalism and World Peace (03:41)


Richard D. Heffner welcomes writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel talks about the post-WWII urge to be free within universal society. Fifty years later, democracies are eroding due to a lack of respect for national dignity.

History of Conflict (02:38)

Humans have always engaged in warfare, fueled by feelings of group superiority. Wiesel discusses why democracy was unsuccessful in the Balkans.

Burying Past Demons (02:58)

France and Germany are now united, despite previous wars. Wiesel explains why he does not believe in collective guilt.

Traumatized Generation (04:19)

Heffner challenges Wiesel's insistence that not all Germans should be held accountable for the Holocaust. They discuss the international skinhead phenomenon. Wiesel does not believe all humans are potential killers.

Addressing Hatred and Racism (02:47)

Wiesel felt ashamed of being white when traveling in the segregated South. He believes we can choose to be friends or foes of humanity.

United Nations and National Sovereignty (03:09)

Wiesel believes the U.N. should have the power to intervene when human rights are abused. He is concerned that Eastern European republics could sell nuclear weapons to rogue nations without policing. He lauds U.N. leadership in the Balkans.

Future of Nations (01:51)

Wiesel discusses the push toward sovereignty among small countries. He takes issue with nations infringing on the sovereignty of others and supports U.N. intervention in human rights cases.

Israel (04:18)

Wiesel says relations are improving between Israel and its Arab neighbors. He advocates for a Palestinian state as part of the Kingdom of Jordan and believes the conflict between Jews and Arabs can be solved through national identity.

Credits: Episode 3: Nationalism and World Peace (00:40)

Credits: Episode 3: Nationalism and World Peace

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Episode 3: Nationalism and World Peace

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This program looks at the legacy of crusades waged in the name of nationalism, and considers how alternative approaches to asserting national identity may promote greater harmony.

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