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Introduction: Am I My Brother's Keeper? (02:37)


Richard D. Heffner welcomes writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel references Cain's question to God and believes we have a responsibility to act upon knowledge of global events.

Mass Communication Age (02:57)

Wiesel argues that people are inundated with information about tragic events and lose their ability to react appropriately. He would like his students to choose one event to become involved in; no group should feel marginalized.

Need for Human Presence (04:01)

Heffner would focus on thoughts and ideas during a weekly Sabbath. Wiesel clarifies that religion is personal to him. He references Cain and Abel to show the importance of communication and advocates supporting people when they are suffering.

Drowning Out the World (03:32)

Young people use music devices to ignore their surroundings. Heffner becomes overwhelmed by media information; Wiesel says we must care about human suffering and increase trust and tolerance. Hear why he places others' needs before his own.

Defining our Brothers (04:21)

Wiesel believes the concept of caring for others is becoming scarce; neighbors are increasingly suspicious of one another. He advocates making a difference in one person's life while empathizing with all sufferers in the world.

Responses to "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" (02:52)

Wiesel outlines the story of Cain and Abel and interprets it as a lesson that killing another person is to kill one's own brother. Darwin would say caring for others interferes with evolution.

Faces of the Needy (03:33)

Heffner and Wiesel discuss their responses to panhandlers. Wiesel says we are children of Seth—meaning we can be both compassionate and selfish. He tries to bear witness to suffering, but admits he cannot help everyone.

Philanthropy (01:45)

Wiesel advocates helping others through political asylum, wealth, and resources.

Credits: Episode 1: Am I My Brother's Keeper? (00:53)

Credits: Episode 1: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

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Episode 1: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

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