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Introduction: Attachment and Holistic Development (01:24)


The sequences in this film follow baby Orson as he develops over his first twelve months. All involve interactions with others. He was born a healthy weight and lives with his parents and six-year-old brother Seb.

First Hour after Birth: First Feed (04:10)

Orson's father holds him in the hospital room; they make eye contact. His mother breastfeeds him.

Two Weeks: Attunement (13:15)

Orson's mother breastfeeds him. After feeding, he smiles and closes his eyes. She changes his diaper; his father holds him while she leaves the room. He falls asleep in his father's arms.

One Month: Dads (04:22)

Orson's father tries to engage him with a rattle. He becomes fussy; his father tries holding him in different positions and walks him around until he falls asleep.

Two and a Half Months: Crying (05:07)

Orson is fussy; he calms when his mother breastfeeds him. They make eye contact and she communicates to Orson's father and brother as they prepare a meal in the kitchen.

Two and a Half Months: Early Conversations (07:10)

Orson's parents and brother talk to him while they eat breakfast at the table. He smiles in his bouncy chair. His father opens a package and Seb entertains him with a song.

Three Months: Baby Massage (05:56)

Orson's mother imitates his noises while changing his diaper. She massages him, making small talk. He listens and engages in "conversation."

Four Months: Tummy Time (03:07)

Orson's mother lays him on his stomach while sitting and talking to him.

Five Months: Interest in Objects (03:29)

Orson's mother puts him in a high chair with toys and retrieves them when he drops them.

Five Months: Mirroring (02:45)

Orson and his father kick their legs in the air together. Orson's father imitates his movements and gestures.

Six Months: Singing Games (03:23)

Orson's mother helps him to stand. She bounces him on her feet and sings a nursery rhyme. He giggles, babbles, and indicates he wants more.

Six Months: Peek-a-Boo (04:04)

Orson's mother helps him reach for a toy. She hides behind an open book and sings him songs.

Seven Months: Object Permanence (03:02)

Orson's mother hides a ball under a pillow and Orson looks for it. He moves toward her by flopping on his belly.

Nine Months: Object Permanence (01:39)

Orson's mother hides a toy under a cloth. Orson removes the cloth to reveal the doll.

Eight Months: Independent Feeding (04:02)

With his mother's supervision, Orson feeds himself small pieces of food from his tray. She imitates his smacking sounds.

Nine Months: Playing Together (07:21)

Orson and his mother play with bath toys, practicing giving and receiving. She tells him "no" when he tries to play with the plug. Later, she hands him to his father; he fusses when she leaves the room.

Seven Months: Stranger Anxiety (03:16)

Orson meets his mother's friend for the first time. They play with objects at the table. He allows her to hold him and they continue playing while his mother temporarily leaves the room.

Ten Months: Stranger Anxiety (04:17)

Orson becomes upset when his mother asks a friend to hold him while she goes inside the house temporarily. He calms down immediately when she returns. When the friend leaves, he follows his mother's example for waving goodbye.

Eleven Months: Staying Close (03:57)

Orson and his mother play with toys. When she leaves the room, he protests and crawls after her.

Eleven Months: Social Referencing (01:39)

Orson's father talks to Seb, who plays with Orson. When Seb bumps his face on a guitar, Orson's father expresses concern; Orson notices and imitates his facial expression.

Twelve Months: Joint Attention (09:25)

Orson points at a drum he is interested in; his mother gets it for him. His father plays him a rhythm. He pulls food items off a shelf and checks for his mother's reaction. They look at wall art together.

Credits: Attachment and Holistic Development: The First Year (00:19)

Credits: Attachment and Holistic Development: The First Year

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Attachment and Holistic Development: The First Year

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The development of a secure attachment relationship is a crucial part of early development. Through careful observation of early relationships all other areas of development are observed as well. This program shows baby Orson as he develops through his first twelve months. The sequences of mother, father, six year old, and baby boy Orson stretch over the course of a whole year and show a wide range of development – from the first primitive reflexes to the grasping of object permanence and from the first eye contact after birth to fully developed attachment relationships. These sequences can be used to observe the main shifts in skills and abilities – physical, social, and cognitive – common to babies in their first year, allowing viewers to analyze how attachment relationships build up and how affection, responsiveness, and consistency affect them. It also highlights how development is holistic and that cognitive development is not separate from emotional, social development, and communication.

Length: 98 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64623-549-0

Copyright date: ©2008

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