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Toddlers Outdoors: Introduction (02:21)


The outdoor environment provides new discoveries for toddlers. This film will follow six children during their second year to examine what stimulates toddlers physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively

Liam: Thirteen Months (06:11)

The outdoor environment is alive and always changing. Liam uses his senses to investigate the world and his own body. A close bond with his mother allows him freedom. He uses repetition to test objects, known as schemas.

Rainy Day Outdoor Play (05:29)

Toddlers often find things interesting that adults no longer notice. Thirteen month old Liam uses stones and a drain to create a shape sorter, learning about the laws of nature. He explores a puddle and reaffirms activities with his mother.

Abolfazal: Fifteen Months (12:49)

Toddlers practice walking six hours daily. Abolfazal seeks out spinning, swinging, turning, rolling and sliding movements to stimulate balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. He matches sounds with visual cues, learns through observation and imitation, and uses schema to discover new actions.

Michael: Fifteen Months (11:36)

Michael's caregiver helps him discover a dandelion; they run up and down a hill. He uses a stick as an investigative tool, learning about cause and effect. His interest in the wind and moving objects represents a trajectory schema.

Yasmine: Eighteen Months (09:41)

Yasmine explores water, categorizes wooden animals, and collects bricks in containers. She plays with wet sand and maps out boundaries in the yard, revisiting a corner of interest. Despite independence, she comes to her caregiver for emotional support.

Jaleel: Twenty Months (10:09)

Jaleel is becoming more interested in playing with others and modeling older children. He pretends the grass in his pan is food—demonstrating his ability to symbolize—and makes friends. Caregivers intervene in disputes over toys.

Daisy: Twenty-Two Months (06:36)

Daisy is rapidly acquiring language; she identifies animals and chats with her caregiver. She has developed a fear of getting her hands dirty but learns through her caregiver's sand play. Hear why outdoor play is essential for toddler development.

Credits: Toddlers Outdoors: Play, Learning, and Development (00:39)

Credits: Toddlers Outdoors: Play, Learning, and Development

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Toddlers Outdoors: Play, Learning, and Development

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Toddlers thrive outdoors. They’ve just learned to walk and the outdoors for them is filled with new things to discover every day. Their curiosity about the world around them is endless. From the tiniest stone or the smallest hole to the excitement of a hill or the force of the wind, toddlers need the variety and stimulation that’s found outdoors. Outdoors they are enthusiastic learners, constantly investigating and experimenting with their world. Made in collaboration with Jan White, an early years outdoors specialist, this program follows six children as they explore their outdoor world, showing what things interest them most and why. It explores how the outdoors perfectly supports their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Throughout each of the toddler's adventures, it highlights the importance of having a safe base from which the young can explore, secure in the thought that a trusted adult is always close by to offer reassurance and support.

Length: 66 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64623-508-7

Copyright date: ©2010

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