Segments in this Video

Discrimination Exercise (03:13)


Jane Elliott explains the blue eye/brown eye exercise in Australia. She addresses participants as they sign in and divides them into two groups; participants share expectations.

The Brown Eyes (07:37)

Elliott discusses discrimination with the brown-eyed group while the blue-eyed group waits in a holding room. She instructs the group on exercise behavior and introduces the Koori Test.

The Blue Eyes (04:45)

An Aboriginal participant is uncomfortable with expected behavior. The blue-eyed group enters and Elliott gives orders on how to sit; a man becomes angry and leaves.

Brown Eye/Blue Eye Exercise (09:16)

Elliott continues to lead the exercise; a man refuses to comply with directions and is forced to leave. Elliott gives orders and criticism, forcing the blue-eyed group to live down to expectations.

Stolen Generation (02:15)

An Aboriginal woman discusses the 1937 "breeding out" policy, the prevalence of discrimination, and the impact on her life.

Brown Eye/Blue Eye Exercise: Koori Test (06:56)

Participants take the test; Elliott criticizes blue-eyed scores and behaviors. White people have the freedom to be ignorant about those who are different and deny that ignorance.

Brown Eye/Blue Eye Exercise: Reactions (14:11)

Aboriginal participants discuss injustices they have faced. Participants describe how others appeared during the blue eye/brown eye exercise and how they felt.

Credits: The Stolen Eye (01:40)

Credits: The Stolen Eye

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The Stolen Eye

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In this program, Jane Elliott conducts her famous blue-eyed/brown-eyed exercise in Australia with a group composed of whites and Aboriginals. Some of these Aboriginals had been forcibly removed from their parents and were raised never knowing their true heritage. Their reactions to watching white Australians go through an exercise that epitomizes what Aboriginals go through every day are honest and straightforward and can help viewers to understand the effects of racism, short-term and long-term on individuals in any nation.

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