Segments in this Video

Psychological Exercise (07:10)


Hear a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Jane Elliott questions a group about the treatment of African Americans. She addresses participants as they sign in and divides them into two groups; a man initially refuses to comply with directions. (Credits)

Exercise Parameters and Power Reinforcement (11:09)

Elliott describes the purpose of the blue eye/brown eye exercise. She assigns negative traits to the blue-eyed group waiting in the holding room, instructs the brown-eyed group on behavior, and introduces the Dove Counterbalance Intelligence Test.

Exercise Origins and Instructions (09:55)

Elliott discusses Nazi behavior, developing the blue eye/brown eye exercise for third grade students, and community backlash. While blue-eyed participants wait in the holding room, Elliot instructs the brown-eyed group on how to behave.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise (14:57)

Follow along as Elliott leads the exercise. She gives orders and criticism, forcing the blue-eyed group to live down to expectations; she chastises them for submitting to tyranny.

Riceville, Iowa (03:49)

Elliott reflects on the community's pride in colorful maple trees, attitude towards people of color, and reaction to her blue eye/brown eye exercise; her parents and children faced backlash.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Submission (12:38)

Elliott reminds brown-eyed participants that they have no power and recalls a previous exercise where one woman tried to rally a protest. She criticizes participant behavior and questions previous discrimination experiences.

Psychological Impact (06:34)

Elliott discusses photographs of students who participated in the blue eye/brown eye exercise featured in "The Eye of the Storm" and their drawings. As an adult, a participant reflects on her experience.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Stress (10:09)

Elliott critiques the notes taken by brown-eyed participants and asks what they consider stressful; African American participants describe their stress. Elliott emphasizes attitudes and behaviors.

"The Eye of the Storm" (06:14)

Elliott reunites with students who participated in the blue eye/brown eye exercise; see clips from the film. Elliott describes adult reactions to her work, including the response of a Jewish woman.

Exercise Reflections (07:14)

Participants share their feelings and perspectives about the blue eye/brown eye exercise. Elliott advises women to "get over cute" and discusses cooperating with oppression. Hear a portion of "I Have a Dream."

Credits: Blue Eyed (01:13)

Credits: Blue Eyed

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In this powerful program, Jane Elliott takes a group of adults in Kansas City (teachers, police, school administrators, and social workers) of different races and conditions them to discriminate against another group, based on eye color. The program shows how the discrination develops and builds and its effects on the second group. Elliott reflects on how she developed her original classroom experiment after the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination and the backlash she and her family faced because of it.

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