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Introduction: Lost Children of Vietnam (05:15)


Tina Nguyen describes growing up in Vietnam as the biological daughter of an American serviceman. Nam Nguyen wants to reunite with the man who inspired her to come to the U.S. War. Tina explains how her father taught her some English before he left.

Immigrating to America (03:33)

Tina describes how Ahn Nguyen refused to contact Henry Lamb because she believed he had remarried. Vicky Nguyen emphasizes the importance of a reunion. Tina discusses how Ahn feared the Communist government would imprison the entire family.

Seven-Year-Old Refugee (03:55)

Nam lives in Sacramento with his wife and four sons after escaping Vietnam. There is a lot of pain to his story, but telling it will help him heal. Nam begins to cry when he discusses traveling by foot from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City with his father.

Escaping Vietnam (05:45)

Nam discusses how his family smuggled him out of the country on a small fishing boat to America. After being rescued by an aid organization, the refugees were dropped off on Pulau Buton. Gary Ferguson persuaded the refugees to sail for Singapore.

Refugees Intercepted (01:44)

Ferguson was arrested by the Singapore Navy. The refugees returned to Pulau Buton. Nam was inspired to immigrate to America.

Prejudice and Hatred (02:36)

Tina describes the decade of abuse she endured for being half-American. The government enacts the Amerasian Act. Tina works as a caregiver and lives in a "Little Saigon" community in Orange County, CA.

Searching for Her Father (03:54)

Tina's relatives inform her that Lamb had a daughter from a previous marriage. Using census information, Vicky Nguyen finds a man who may be her grandfather.

Finding His Inspiration (03:48)

Nam describes how Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kearney, Nebraska sponsored his relocation to the United States. He possesses an old address for Ferguson in Arizona. A French photojournalist sends him images from the boat he traveled on to Singapore.

Searching for Ferguson (01:57)

James Scott describes how Ferguson returned to Southeast Asia and sold off his real estate holdings to help refugees in Cambodia. Nam hopes that he is alive and well.

Visiting Lamb's Grave (03:27)

Tina and Vicky travel to Honolulu to visit Lamb's grave. Christopher Hickey describes how Leslie Gunderson donated the flag to the cemetery. Tina and Vicky decide to search for Tina's half-sister.

Opportunity to Change Lives (05:18)

Texas Tech University collects and preserves documents of individuals who served in Vietnam. Steven Maxner shows Nam memorabilia the archives have collected about Ferguson. In an audio clip, Ferguson recalls how the Singapore Army turned around the refugees; Nam worries about Ferguson's health.

Locating Her Half-Sister (06:07)

Tina meets Gunderson in San Diego, CA at the memorial for Vietnam Veterans. Gunderson brings an album for Tina and shares how Lamb would talk about Ahn.

Reconnecting With a Father Figure (05:17)

Nam reunites with Ferguson who continued to help refugees across Southeast Asia after his arrest. Ferguson has four daughters and lives in Texas. Nam is grateful for being a citizen and proud he met the man people call "Crazy American Cowboy."

Credits: Lost Children of Vietnam (00:30)

Credits: Lost Children of Vietnam

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Lost Children of Vietnam

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Join Ann Curry for dramatic reunions between people separated after the war. Tina, born in Vietnam, searches for her American father, while Nam hopes to find the "Texas Cowboy" who risked everything to save him as a young boy and inspired him to come to America.

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