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Introduction: Children of WWII (03:27)


In this episode a Japanese American woman wants to find a long lost friend. Reiko Nagumo describes growing up in Los Angeles before World War II erupted and her friendship with Mary Francis White.

World War II Erupts (05:03)

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declares war against Japan. Nagumo describes how she was bullied after the attack on Pearl Harbor. She feels she owes White a thank you for maintaining their friendship.

Fleeing Germany (03:28)

Peter Engler, born in Berlin in 1934, describes the Night of the Broken Glass and escaping to Shanghai in 1939. Japanese troops occupy Shanghai after the attack on Pearl Harbor and establish a ghetto.

Friendship with Fritz Adler (05:10)

Engler describes how his father developed detergents to clean U.S. currency and the impact of Stella and Fritz Adler. Engler would like to meet Margaret Adler to show her how close he was to her parents.

Sent to an Internment Camp (03:44)

President Roosevelt authorizes the confinement of Japanese Americans on the West Coast. Nagumo describes saying goodbye to White and traveling by train to an unknown destination.

Arriving Heart Mountain (03:25)

Nagumo re-visits the internment camp where she lived during World War II. Each family unit contains a light, a wood-burning stove, and a bed for each individual. Nagumo expresses her grief at living in Wyoming.

Finding White (02:17)

Julie Hoffman finds a death certificate for White's mother. Nagumo worries that multiple sclerosis might be hereditary.

Searching for Adler (03:34)

Linda Levy of the Joint Distribution Committee describes how Shanghai became the last resort for those who needed to escape Nazi Germany. Nagumo explains the horrors he endured living in the ghetto.

Resettlement (03:47)

Levy describes how the JDC files were confiscated by Communist authorities after the war and that the Adler family immigrated to Australia. Nagumo returns to Los Angeles after spending three years at the Heart Mountain Internment Camp.

Successful Nursing Career (03:28)

A genealogist discovers a phone number for Janet Shrader. White is still alive. Nagumo contacts her cousin.

Shanghai Is Liberated (05:35)

Engler describes the sense of elation after Japan surrenders in 1945 and plays an accordion gifted to him by the Adlers. Karen Franklin discovers a webpage dedicated to Stella's family.

Reunion (04:03)

Nagumo and White reunite at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. White is retired in Kentucky after raising children and working in corporate management.

Reaching Out (05:34)

Engler receives an email from Margaret Hudson nee Adler who recognizes his name. She travels from Australia and shows Engler a letter he wrote seventy years earlier.

Credits: Children of WWII (00:30)

Credits: Children of WWII

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Children of WWII

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Join Ann Curry for dramatic reunions between people separated and thrown together by WWII. A Japanese-American woman sent to a confinement camp hopes to find a childhood friend, and a survivor from a Jewish ghetto in Shanghai searches for the daughter of the couple who befriended him as a boy.

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