Titles in this Series

In The Making: Part 1

Item #: 190432

In The Making: Part 2

Item #: 190433

In The Making: Part 3

Item #: 190434

In The Making: Part 4

Item #: 190435

In The Making: Part 5

Item #: 190436

In The Making: Part 6

Item #: 190437

In The Making: Part 7

Item #: 190438

In The Making: Part 8

Item #: 190439

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Artists take risks, imagine futures, wrestle with conflicts, and offer new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us. This series showcases an extraordinary lineup of creative visionaries – visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, and choreographers – who have singular approaches and something to say. The series follows artists in real time, in studio, at home, on stage and in field, gaining access to intimate spaces and exhilarating moments of realization. Shot with a mix of hand-held verite and breathtaking cinematic visuals, IN THE MAKING pulls back the curtain, revealing what it means to move through the world as an artist today.

Length: 176 minutes

Item#: FPT190431

Copyright date: ©2018

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