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Economics and Society (05:00)


Economic indicators and metrics that guide society are changing. Hazel Henderson discusses the unaccounted social and environmental costs and impacts of production, and scorecards of national progress. Henderson introduces Paul Ellis.

SDGs and Investment (05:47)

Ellis' consulting firm works with financial advisors and asset managers in their work with investors. Quality of life metrics get caught in the middle of the relationship between advisors and clients; frameworks provide an opportunity to identify goals and objectives for both sides.

Educating Asset Managers (07:37)

Henderson recalls first thinking about SDGs with Citizens for Clean Air and experiences at Calvert. Ellis discusses what led him into the financial services industry and transitioning to a more personal values approach.

Economic Revolution? (07:53)

Economic textbooks can narrow focus; risks are outside the model. Henderson reflects on various forms of capital and urban development. Ellis uses Hurricane Katrina as an example of discipline disparity and shares final thoughts.

Credits: Steering Our Societies from GDP to SDGs (00:48)

Credits: Steering Our Societies from GDP to SDGs

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Steering Our Societies from GDP to SDGs

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 10: Transforming Finance 6.0
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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Paul Ellis discuss their work in reforming mainstream finance and how these obsolete models and metrics had been steering societies toward unanticipated environmental and social problems. Money-based Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was never intended to be a measure of human progress, while over averaged macroeconomic indicators of inflation, unemployment, savings, etc. were like flying over a country at 50,000 feet. In 2015, 195 member countries of the United Nations launched their Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), systemically based in metrics of empirical sciences. They now steer the world’s countries toward knowledge-richer, inclusive sustainable societies for our common human future.

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