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Hollywood Comes to Cyprus (09:47)


George Avraam watches "Beloved" with Yiannis Mitides. The Karmi villager recalls the excitement of filming. Nicos Shafkalis provides mementos from the production and reminisces about Raquel Welch.

Star Attitude (04:48)

Actor Richard Johnson recalls the past, the days of filming the "Beloved", the crew and the the villagers from Karmi. Welch creates commotions among the residents of Karmi; photos surface and she is guarded against paparazzi. Welch photos is credited by Iconic Images / Terry O' Neil.

Cinematography (04:51)

Marcello Gatti recalls Cyprus as a great place for filming; he describes transforming Welch from Hollywood star to villager. Shafkalis credits him with being the most important filmmaker in the world.

Funding and Direction (11:42)

Filmex is created for the production of "Beloved"; sponsors are Cypriot businessmen hoping to meet Welch. Director Yiorgos Cosmatos influences key contributors; sociability balances his high work expectations.

Collaborative Efforts (06:49)

Elias Aletras recalls being cast for "Beloved"; many locals become extras. Filming becomes a community experience, but not all approve of racier scenes; filmmakers are forced to find a church location outside Karmi.

Financial Disappointment (08:20)

The budget for "Beloved" falls short of distribution; shortly after release, war makes Cyprus a dead zone for filmmaking. In 1995, a group of Karmi refugees creates a club where they discuss movie production and village memories.

Political Upheaval (06:29)

Patrick Curtis and Richard Johnson reminisce with the families of village actors. They recall tensions, but no perception imminence of war. The 1974 Turkish invasion divides Cyprus.

Village Refugees (03:33)

Cypriots are allowed to visit Karmi, but not stay. Mitides recalls the grief of being separated from his homeland.

Screening: Forty Years Later (09:31)

Curtis, Johnson, and villagers watch "Beloved." All express hopes that Cyprus will one day reunite.

Credits: Beloved Days (03:36)

Credits: Beloved Days

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In 1970, the people of Karmi in Cyprus participate in an unprecedented experience: the shooting of George P. Cosmatos' risque romance film Beloved, with Hollywood cast and crew, including Raquel Welch. This was the first Hollywood production to be filmed in Cyprus and it gave the country hope to be a filming destination. This hope was shattered with the 1974 Turkish invasion. This documentary functions as a kaleidoscope, transmitting images of that magical time and the experiences of those who were there for both key events in Cypriot history.

Length: 72 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64867-508-9

Copyright date: ©2015

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