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Geddes' Background (03:28)


Photographer Anne Geddes discusses her studio space in Tribeca and growing up on an Australian cattle farm. She recalls a pivotal moment from her childhood that foreshadowed her sense of purpose as an artist.

Self-Taught Photographer (02:33)

Geddes discusses her formal education, traveling around New Zealand, and moving to Hong Kong. She recalls beginning photography while in China and describes her approach to shooting children.

Commercial Breakthrough (04:30)

Geddes recalls entering a photograph into a contest and finishing second. She discusses the difficulty of photographing small children, her first coffee table book, and appearing on television with Oprah Winfrey.

"Pure" (05:33)

Geddes discusses her third book in which she explores the meaning of new life. She does not hold casting calls for her tiny subjects.

Hopeful Images (03:21)

Geddes discusses advocating for her children through her work and a photograph she took of a premature baby that touched millions. She explains wanting to work with Taschen on a retrospective of her work.

Photographic Honors (04:44)

Geddes tells the story behind a portrait of a baby named Philippa surrounded by roses. She discusses her feelings about being inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame.

Credits: Anne Geddes: Photographer (00:31)

Credits: Anne Geddes: Photographer

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Anne Geddes: Photographer

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Anne Geddes is an Australian photographer who specializes in photographing newborns. After a difficult childhood on a cattle farm, she dropped out of school at 17. Later, she married and moved to Hong Kong for her husband’s work. There she taught herself photography and built up a small portfolio. Back in Australia, she started her own studio from her garage. In this program, we learn about her love of babies, what she thought was wrong about traditional baby photography, and what she considers the most important element in an image: the emotional content.

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