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Greenfield 's Upbringing and Early Work (03:23)


Photographer Lois Greenfield discusses being raised by immigrant parents in New York. She recalls discovering her love of photography while working on an Apache reservation and transition to more artistic work.

Bodies in Motion (05:31)

Greenfield aspires to catch transitionary movements that are barely visible to the naked eye. She recalls working with David Parsons, Alvin Ailey, and other choreographers, and meeting Jacques Lartigue. She identifies her biggest influences.

Sculptural Moments (04:44)

Greenfield discusses parallels between her photography and Renaissance and Baroque art; she enjoys capturing moments that appear mythological. She explains her loose approach to directing and collaborating with dancers.

Metaphorical Potential (03:16)

Greenfield discusses work she has done for corporate clients, including Raymond Weil Watches. She revisits collaborations with Parsons and Daniel Ezralow, and other memorable images.

Surreal Imager (06:28)

Greenfield discusses her reluctance to name images, use of props, and the illusion of atmosphere. She tells the story behind a figure being covered in powder.

Credits: Lois Greenfield: Photographer (00:32)

Credits: Lois Greenfield: Photographer

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Lois Greenfield: Photographer

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New York native Lois Greenfield is best known for her approach to photographing dancers in motion. Her atypical career started with a degree in anthropology and plans to become an ethnographic filmmaker. Instead, she started work as a photojournalist for local newspapers. After traveling the world as a photojournalist for several years, she was assigned to shoot a dress rehearsal for a dance concert, and the rest is history. In this program, she explains how she captures the essence of movement in her photos, her improvisational technique, and exploiting photography's ability to "slice time."

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