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Sex Work Penalties (05:52)


Exploitation and violence exist in prostitution. Owning a brothel carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. Trafficking laws in the UK are used against migrant sex workers as well as those moved by force.

English Collective of Prostitutes (04:22)

The organization advocates for women who are prosecuted for brothel-keeping and street workers. Sex workers cannot speak publicly because of the stigma and discrimination that occurs. The laws force prostitutes to work in isolation making it more unsafe.

Social Media Impact (03:26)

Prostitutes can now speak without fear of reprisal. After the Ipswich serial murders, the Safety-First Coalition brought together The Royal College of Nursing, residents of red-light districts, and Women against Rape to decriminalize sex work. Niki Adams discusses the impact of New Zealand legalizing prostitution.

Sex Work in Thailand (06:51)

About 300,000 women work in the industry every night; on average, sex workers support five other adults. Liz Hilton discusses the sodomy laws in countries that were colonized by the French or English. Decriminalizing sex work does not mean you approve of it.

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The Oldest Profession: Should we Decriminalise Sex Work?

Part of the Series : Institute of Art and Ideas: Feminist Futures
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Should we decriminalize sex work? In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s support, Niki Adams from English Collective of Prostitutes, and Liz Hilton from Empower Foundation, outline the future of the oldest profession.

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