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Tijuana, Mexico (04:52)


The U.S. institutes mass deportations following the 9/11 attacks; 97% are Mexicans. Photographer Chris Bava describes Zona Norte. Prevencasa passes through the canal every week to offer services to deportees. (Credits)

"Plastic People" (03:59)

Jorge Nieto reflects on deportation and family separation. Deportees face discrimination in Mexico; community services try to feed 1,100 people daily. President Obama cites the need for immigration reform; see an anti-immigration protest.

Assault With a Deadly Weapon (03:24)

In July 2010, Jonathan Espinoza confronts a bully and is arrested; authorities want to register him as a gang member. If he gets deported, he will be forbidden to return to the U.S.

Immigrants and Deportation (02:39)

Protesters in Atlanta, GA march for immigration reform; experts discuss Secure Communities and ICE. Many deportees live on the streets and become hooked on drugs.

Zona Norte Addicts (08:18)

Bava documents the stories of drug users in Tijuana through pictures; he reflects on risk. Javier Godinez Mondragon discusses his deportation. City officials are focusing on cleaning up the area; hundreds of deportees cross the Via Rapida every day.

Life in the Canal (06:20)

Mondragon recalls violence and the shanty town before officials cleared it away; the homeless make shelters in the sewers. A man describes his way of life and Mondragon discusses his history of drug use.

"The Spot" (03:44)

Homeland security patrols the unpopulated land that separates San Diego, CA and Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. The Tijuana cartel operates a drug market close to Mondragon's home; Bava photographs a body in the street.

Deportees and Poverty (06:55)

Claudia Perez discusses life in Mexico. An American religious charity offers a free meal once a week. During Mexican Repatriation, the U.S. deports two million Mexicans; half are U.S. citizens.

"Operativo" (04:28)

Mondragon, now showered and in clean clothes, wants to help Guero. Tijuana police have an arrest quota. Bava and Mondragon film a possible drug raid and the group flees from police.

Tijuana Jails (04:17)

A sub-deputy questions filming at La Veinte. Former addict Chris Dorta-Duque discusses his arrest, a riot at La Mesa Penitentiary, and prison conditions.

Police Activity (02:18)

Mondragon considers why the police are outside his house. They chase down several people and put them in their trucks.

Canal Raid (04:50)

Some people will sleep in the cemetery at night to avoid police; police raid the canal and 12 deportees die. Mondragon walks along the canal.

"Public Bother" (02:42)

Mondragon discusses being beat by police after having filmed them handle a dead body; the police are unaware of the documentary.

Deported to Tijuana (08:05)

Carla Thonso asks Bava for help in locating Espinoza and he finds him at the border. Espinoza and his wife recall their reunion; Zoe will return to the U.S. to have their baby.

Deportee Update (06:51)

Bava reflects on getting Mondragon into a halfway house and documenting people. Guero gets clean and returns to his family. Perez remains in Zona Norte. Elena Diaz must wait years before trying reentry into the U.S.

Credits: Exile Nation (01:16)

Credits: Exile Nation

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Acclaimed filmmaker Charles Shaw presents a documentary that follows US deportees in Tijuana as they struggle to survive a cartel war zone, living in cardboard shacks and sewer pipes, creating an ever expanding underworld of exiles. Through these stateless individuals, we see how the exploitative policies of a failed war on drugs and immigrants has created an international crisis of refugees and deportees.

Length: 76 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2016

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A timely film given the current election-year immigration controversy, this is highly recommended. (Video Librarian)

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