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D.C. Central Kitchen (03:01)


Michael Parson, Wanda Lester, Vishawn Blakey, and Marianne Ali discuss their backgrounds. Experts reflect on Robert Egger's mission; 73% of released inmates in the D.C. area will reoffend.

Day One: Orientation (02:50)

D.C. Central Kitchen's culinary training program targets recovering addicts, former drug dealers, and recently released felons. Ron Swanson, Ali, and Egger welcome students and introduce training staff.

Day Two: Self-Empowerment Class (03:56)

Swanson's class focuses on exposing truth. Culinary students explain why they entered the program; Blakey talks about money.

Vegetable Exercise (04:21)

Culinary students practice cutting carrots while Jerald Thomas gives instruction; a student cuts his finger. Ali shares her history of drug use. Egger explains Swanson's past.

End of First Week Staff Meeting (02:17)

D.C. Central Kitchen staff reflect on the behavior of new students and a comment Parson made in group; Parson admits to being homophobic. Sherita Owens is comfortable with her sexual orientation.

Day Eight: Parson (04:03)

During group, Swanson talks about Parson's persistence and challenges. Parson reflects on school, selling drugs, and street life.

Day Ten: Chicken Exercise (05:53)

Barbara Allen models the uniform. Blakey talks about his addiction to fast money and selling drugs. Culinary students learn how to cut a chicken and prepare a chicken dish with vegetables.

Day Sixteen: Fish Exercise (03:30)

In group, Wanda Lester discusses the main distraction she faces while in the culinary training program. Students learn how to fillet fish. Lester reflects on drug use.

Sips & Sups Benefit (03:04)

Culinary students meet chefs from local restaurants, help with setup, and try new foods. Lester talks with guests and reflects on being part of the training program.

Day Eighteen: Fruit Exercise (03:03)

Culinary students learn how to cut various types of fruit; Blakey has purpose. Lester and Parson receive a three week evaluation.

Rules and Expectations (04:17)

Lester discusses not doing her homework and her phone ringing in class. Ali reviews Parson's applications and confronts him about discrepancies; she reflects on his employability.

Day Thirty-Two: First Helping Street Outreach (03:47)

Jeff Rustin and Ali discuss the impact of drugs and family history. Culinary students setup a table in a neighborhood and serve food.

"Hitting Bottom" (06:05)

Swanson leads the group in a discussion on perseverance; Lester recalls a low point in her life. Ali reflects on commonality in personal experiences.

Day Forty: Cook Off (02:37)

Culinary students work in teams to create a seafood stew; Thomas and outside judges rate their dishes and execution.

Day Forty-Five: "My Story" (04:30)

Parson discusses the best and worst times in his life. Swanson reflects on the loss of loved ones and becoming one's own teacher. Ali reads a poem about her mother.

Life After Prison (02:56)

Ali and Blakey reflect on returning home after incarceration and how they felt. Blakey makes a poached egg with hollandaise sauce.

Day Fifty-Two: Ten Week Evaluation (05:04)

Staff evaluate Parson's behavior and performance; Ali declares him unemployable at this time. Lester discusses making lunch for staff and volunteers. Culinary students attend their last class with Swanson.

Day Fifty-Eight: Job Search Begins (04:56)

Workforce Coordinator Becky Locker obtains interviews for culinary students. Suited for Change provides outfits for interviewing and work.

Day Sixty: Job Search (04:41)

Culinary students applaud Lester's recent interview. Parson has two scheduled interviews and receives a job offer. Blakey looks for clothing, reflects on wasting life on drugs, and has an interview.

Day Sixty-Two: Practice Interview (02:50)

Lester is interested in working for D.C. public schools and practices interviewing. Blakey reflects on interviewing in his culinary uniform; he receives a job offer.

Day Sixty-Three: Fuddrucker's (02:25)

The restaurant is only will to pay Parson minimum wage, so Locker continues to help him look for a job. Owens reflects on Parson's growth.

Day Sixty-Four: Job Search (03:34)

Locker encourages students to share their feelings. The class applauds Blakey's part-time job offer, but Locker believes he deserves better. Lester's criminal record prevents a job with the schools.

Days Sixty-Six and Sixty-Seven (03:18)

Locker encourages Blakey to keep pushing; he regrets turning down a job offer. Wanda receives a job offer at The Old Ebbitt Grill.

Days Sixty-Nine and Seventy (02:51)

Locker encourages culinary students in their continued job search; Ali worries about Parson's mindset. Blakey receives a job offer at The Old Ebbitt Grill.

Day Seventy-Three: Graduation (05:19)

Culinary students attend brunch with staff in the morning and graduation ceremonies later in the day. Egger highlights Parson's personal story and offers him a job.

Credits: The Liberation (01:59)

Credits: The Liberation

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In the Culinary Training Program of D.C. Central Kitchen, 25 recovering addicts, former drug dealers, recently released felons, and homeless men and women are working through a three-month program in pursuit of a new life.

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