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Childhood Is Dangerous (05:11)


In rural Bangladesh, 90% of babies are born at home; dhais assist laboring mothers without medical training using twine and a razor blade. Musammat Sobura believes colostrum is dangerous for new babies and girl's placentas should be buried within the home.

Matlab Project (02:30)

The medical research project provides medical care during childbirth. Jahan-Ara Begum, a trained midwife, helps deliver a healthy baby girl. Rashida Matin begins breastfeeding immediately.

Complicated Delivery (03:40)

Begum explains that more than 90% come for prenatal care at the clinic. The longer the labor, the greater the potential chance of harm to the baby. Asphyxia in newborns is very common; Tamin takes his first breath 20 minutes after being delivered.

Chest-Related Illnesses (03:11)

The family worries that Shimona seems very weak; Morjina has been feeding her cows' milk. Young babies should drink half a liter of breast milk daily. Dulal prescribes the baby an antibiotic.

Death From Malnutrition (03:38)

Chand Mala believes that the mother's family did not take proper precautions. Liza cares for Tamin in the hospital. Dr. Mohammed Yunus suspects pneumonia; oxygen deprivation can cause brain damage.

Baby Checkups (05:04)

A nurse vaccinates Maria from whooping cough, hepatitis B, diphtheria, polio, and tetanus. Tamin continues to have convulsions and will not breastfeed. The community health worker notices he moves abnormally; Liza believes that the difficult birth is to blame.

Microcredit Bank (03:15)

A mother describes how she cannot afford to feed her children. Women borrow money to buy cows in order to start their own businesses. Agents collect interest.

Building a Herd (01:53)

Mossamat Mazeda Begum educates her two children and provides food for the family. The local dairy purchases the extra milk.

Children in Danger (02:56)

Children in Bangladesh often succumb to illnesses such as diarrhea. Dr. Mashrur Hussain Tanvir oversees children who suffer from severe dehydration. Sobra is not concerned that Morjina is not breastfeeding.

Drowning (03:23)

Fifty children drown in Bangladesh daily. Rasheda Khan researches the cause of two sibling's deaths who drowned the same day. Small children are left alone while the mother cooks.

Preventing Drowning (02:21)

Dr. Saidur Rahman Mashreky advocates building bamboo fences around ponds. Dolly Khatun runs a playgroup while the mothers cook. The nurse recommends Khadija's family only ingesting well water.

Baby Outcomes (07:45)

Morjina begins to breastfeed her daughter. Dr. Mohammed Waliur Rahman believes Tamin suffers from a seizure disorder because of the lack of oxygen at delivery. Rashida Matin and her family celebrate Maria Akhter Ema's naming ceremony.

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Children are most likely to die in their first month of life. Bangladesh has one of the highest child mortality figures in the world. Fifty children a day die drowning. Fifty thousand a year are killed by diarrhea. Yet a range of cheap and simple interventions could save many of these precious lives.

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