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Preserving Land (04:10)


A billionaire couple saves a piece of untouched coastline in southern California from development; they donate money to Nature Conservancy. The area includes massive biodiversity and historical sites for Spanish colonialist and Native Americans.

Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve (05:44)

Jack and Laura Dangermond love the California coastline and use their wealth to help save the 10,000- hectare property. They donate $165 million to the Nature Conservancy. They are open about their donation to encourage others to help protect the environment.

Dangermonds' History (02:31)

The couple starts a geographic information systems company in 1969; Esri is worth over $5 billion. They view their wealth as a tool to help other people become successful.

California's Public Beaches (06:11)

The beach beside the Dangermond Preserve is one of the few remaining ones open to the public. Most land along the coast is privately held land. The Dangermonds want to leave a mark on the country's conservation efforts.

Solving Environmental Problems (04:05)

The Dangermonds share Ersi's data of 25 large cities with governments to help reduce homelessness. The Nature Conservancy's focus has changed since 1951. It no loner only buys land to protect it, it also finds large scale solutions to environmental issues.

Credits: A Big Piece of Good News (00:21)

Credits: A Big Piece of Good News

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A wild piece of coast was threatened by malls and McMansions...until a reclusive billionaire couple arrived with the gift of a lifetime. Zoe Daniel reports.

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