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Introduction: Tipping Point (01:16)


Outside Beijing, reporter Bill Birtles tours a bicycle junkyard; it is one of many dumping grounds across China. The nation’s government has recently declared a war on waste.

Food Couriers (04:00)

Beijing produces 25,000 tons of waste daily; online delivery services generate 20 million orders and 60 million plastic containers every day. Birtles follows a food courier through his workday.

Growing Landfill Problem (02:13)

Birtles views a massive landfill outside Beijing. A recycling spokesperson explains that the dump site has swiftly expanded; resulting groundwater contamination and incinerator emissions create environmental problems.

Rubbish Pickers (05:57)

Birtles follows a man dependent on sorting trash for survival. He asserts that authorities are evicting the impoverished; his neighborhood is slated for demolition. Independent sorters recycle 90% of Beijing’s qualifying garbage.

High Tech Solutions (02:05)

Beijing entrepreneurs hope to rid the city of rubbish pickers. Reverse vending machines credit recyclers' bank accounts for plastic bottles. The system ensures proper processing of reusable trash.

Government Solutions: Independent Processors (05:11)

A rubbish picker delivers plastic bottles to a “Backyard Recycler.” Authorities are closing such operations; improper processing creates toxic waste water. Citizens assert that the government covers-up the country’s garbage problem.

Government Solutions: Resident Responsibility (03:40)

Beijing officials organize a media tour, showcasing a new garbage sorting system; citizens have difficulty with the process. One eighth of the city’s waste is incinerated and converted to energy; plastics create toxic emissions.

Government Solutions: Citizen Impacts (03:50)

Birtles follows a courier to his flat, which he shares with eleven others; he agrees with government proposals restricting food packaging. The reporter revisits a rubbish picker; his home is now blocked by a brick wall built by Beijing authorities.

Credits: Tipping Point (00:27)

Credits: Tipping Point

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Tipping Point

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China sent Australia’s recycling industry into a spin when it banned most waste imports. Now it’s tackling a home-grown rubbish crisis. Bill Birtles looks at China’s own war on waste and asks: is it winning?

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