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Sexuality in China (02:27)


The Love Boat is a week-long cruise for LGBT people. Nine same-gendered couples are planning to violate the law and get married. Reporter Matthew Carney will spend time with the organizers and parents who struggle to support their children in China's conservative society.

Duan and Lee (03:23)

Duan Rong Fung’s successful ad agency gives him advantages to pursue activism. Although Duan and his partner Lee will be legally married in the United States, they have no rights as a couple in China. They hope the cruise educates people about LGBT issues.

Xianxian and Tiantian (05:35)

The cruise starts in Shanghai, the cultural center of LGBT Chinese life. Xianxian and Tiantian live openly in a conservative province, despite the disapproval of their families. Homosexuality is seen as a curable disease and millions of LGBT people in China are in sham marriages.

Love Boat Conferences (09:26)

Authorities try to stop the cruise from leaving Shanghai. Jessie Pang brings his parents along to attend the conferences. The first day is devoted to parents sharing stories about their LGBT children and attending support groups with other parents.

Cruise Weddings (03:43)

Xianxian, Tiantian, and others take part in the ceremony on the second day of the cruise. The weddings occur when the ship reaches international waters in the South China Sea. Duan and Lee are happy to offer a traditional Chinese ceremony for the couples.

LGBT Future in China (02:53)

Xianxian and Tiantian are considering ways to start a family. Pang believes the cruise was a positive step for his parents. Duan's goal is so see marriage equality in China but knows a major shift in society must happen first.

Credits: The Love Boat (00:19)

Credits: The Love Boat

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While Australia says "yes," the country with more gay people than most says an implacable "no." But in China, a determined group of young men and women just will not take no for an answer, as Matthew Carney reports.

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