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Introduction: Wastemen: The Home Front (02:54)


Newcastle City Council’s call center receives complaints regarding trash collection, including reports of illegal dumping. Hourly, Britain generates enough trash to fill Albert Hall; the waste industry is revolutionizing, with municipalities devising ways to promote recycling and reusing rubbish.

Managing Collections (10:55)

In Newcastle, households have recycling and waste bins, collected separately. Crews pick up 20 tons of garbage per shift; 1,200 tons are taken to Byker Waste Processing Plant weekly. The mechanized facility separates trash, repurposing eighty percent; the rest is landfilled, costing 80 pounds per ton to dispose.

Getting Messy (05:16)

Newcastle trash collectors discuss impact of recent changes in waste collection times; 50 years ago, less was generated, and residents kept bins in backyards, not streets. A special response team clears back lane garbage; they contemplate budget cut consequences.

Getting Cleaner (06:04)

Newcastle’s recyclables collection crew works in Gosforth; they discuss affluent resident tendencies to discard and recycle more. Domestic recycling is taken to O’Brien’s Processing Plant, where it is sorted by hand, baled and sold.

December Holidays (06:58)

Newcastle waste management is tested during Christmas season; the call center prepares for complaints regarding disrupted pick-up schedules. On the twenty fourth, collection crews take their last rounds. On Boxing Day, some residents dispose of trash at the city dump, forming lines before pick up centers open.

Busiest Day (09:40)

Trash collection crews make first rounds after Christmas; much of what they gather could be recycled. At Byker, a conveyor belt malfunctions, reducing working capacity by half. At Newcastle City Council call center, customer service representatives take multiple calls from residents confused by pick-up schedule disruptions.

Poorly Timed Problems (03:12)

Byker Waste Processing Plant hurries to repair a broken conveyor belt when the other malfunctions, halting operations completely; moisture from increased food waste generated during holidays has caused electronics to trip. Teams clean belt slop from machinery.

Back To Normal (04:05)

At Newcastle City Council call center, calm returns after the Christmas rush. At Byker, maintenance works through the night to get conveyor belts running. Britain aspires to recycle fifty percent of all domestic waste by 2020, with larger goals to reuse everything it can.

Credits: Wastemen: The Home Front (00:30)

Credits: Wastemen: The Home Front

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Every household in the UK puts a ton of rubbish out for collection each year. In Newcastle, people try to deal with it by waging a war on waste.

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