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Accidental Refuse (04:02)


Byker Processing Plant deals with all Newcastle domestic waste, extracting as many recyclables and valuables as possible. Not all items reaching the site were meant to be tossed; manager Bob Pollock and team search through recently collected bags, searching for a resident’s personal treasure.

Abandoned Belongings (04:50)

Twenty percent of Newcastle properties are owned by City Council; the Void Clearance Team clears out vacated homes. Residents sometimes leave everything behind, but workers have no time to assess items for value, taking everything to Byker for processing.

Generational Scrap Hawking (04:24)

Scrapper John Ayden has collected scrap metals for fifty years; he discusses doing the job with horse and cart. He picks up a shed and trampoline from a Newcastle home; he does not collect items off the street, requiring receipts for everything procured.

Dumpster Diving Entrepreneur (04:22)

Sam searches through skips for sellable items to auction online. Over two years, he has collected over 2,000 treasures. Necessity prompted him to sell trash for a living; when he was close to starving and out of a job, he found he could acquire needs from refuse bins.

Throw Away Society (02:45)

Newcastle Void Clearance Team transports a load to Byker Processing Plant, where recyclable and valuable items will be removed before remainders go to landfill. A worker discusses how most items could be given to the needy; he sorts through some garbage, finding coins.

Preventing Landfill (02:45)

Byker Waste Processing Plant sets up a thrift shop, intending to sell discarded valuables back to the public; they save money, and donate proceeds to charity. At the store, Site Manager Bob Pollock looks through stock, becoming perplexed by what people throw away.

Discovering Treasures (03:16)

Sam finds an antique chair in a neighborhood bin. He discusses minimum wage lifestyle, comparing working a job to salvaging items for online auction.

Income From Refuse (03:41)

Scrapper Ayden collects unwanted items from various places daily; he holds auctions, selling recovered goods. The events draw crowds; he does not make much money, but remains dedicated to his job.

Left Behind (09:08)

Newcastle Void Clearance Team responds to a vacated home at city council’s request; the residence is full, and they surmise the resident died. They don plastic overalls to deal with heavily soiled furniture, discussing the impact of poverty on aging populations.

Motivated Sellers (04:26)

Byker Plant holds opening day for its thrift shop; all stock was once destined for landfill. Items are sold cheaply. Sam must get more from his items; he sells the previously acquired antique chair to the highest bidder.

Value of Things (03:44)

Newcastle Void Clearance Team locates some items a neighbor has requested they return to her; she did not have the opportunity to look through her friend’s apartment before they cleared it. She is happy to have the objects back; she describes the deceased and his unexpected death.

Credits: Wastemen: One Man's Rubbish, Another Man's Treasure (00:29)

Credits: Wastemen: One Man's Rubbish, Another Man's Treasure

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Wastemen: One Man's Rubbish, Another Man's Treasure

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The war against rubbish never stops for the bin men of Newcastle. However, the things people throw away these days have never been worth so much.

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