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Japanese Sports Culture (02:00)


Tokyo is preparing for the 2020 Olympics. Former professional football player Coy Wire visits a high school baseball practice emphasizing professionalism, camaraderie, and ambition.

Sumo Wrestling (03:47)

Wire visits a training center in Toyko's Ryogoku neighborhood. American-born athlete Fiamalu Penitani discusses daily practice and eating routines. Some believe the centuries-old sport will die out.

Japanese Professional Wrestling (03:06)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling CEO Harold Meij promotes the new sport in Tokyo. Canadian born wrestler Kenny Omega discusses its theatrical elements. Nearly half the fan base are female.

Park Golf (02:27)

The golf and croquet hybrid was invented in Japan in the 1980s and is popular among Tokyo seniors. Fumiyo Wattanabi, 77, challenges Wire to a game.

Botaoshi and Field Day Games (04:20)

Students at an all-boys school play a sport similar to capture the flag and rugby; learn about the rules. In "cavalry battle," players are lifted off the ground by teammates to knock off their opponents’ hats. Injuries are uncommon.

Esports (01:36)

Online gaming has become a multi-million dollar industry. Wire loses a Tekken challenge at a Tokyo arcade.

Karate (04:38)

Olympic hopefuls like Ayumi Uekusa train at a Tokyo dojo. Training has both physical and mental elements; learn about the sparring point system. Athletes, artists and residents are preparing for 2020. Wire reflects on learning about Japanese culture and spirit.

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Coy Wire explores the unique sporting traditions of Japan, visiting a "sumo stable", an eSports tournament and how Japan is preparing for the addition of karate to the 2020 Games.

Length: 24 minutes

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