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Andean Region (03:24)


Colombia is divided into four regions. Travel entrepreneur Juan David Agudelo introduces viewers to coffee and trio music. Visit a traditional guitar making workshop.

Colombian Coffee and Music (04:17)

Armenia combines tradition and modernity in the Andean region. Travel company Experiencia Cafetera helps educate consumers about coffee farming and culture. Music combines African, Spanish and Caribbean heritage. Agudelo says Colombians are optimistic and natural business people.

Los Llanos Orientales (03:02)

British expat Chris Bell is passionate about Colombia's eastern plains, known for cowboy culture, music, and biodiversity. Llaneros go barefoot and sing love songs to their cattle.

Joropo and Llanos Cuisine (03:51)

Llaneros perform a traditional song. The eastern plain region is known for meat, fish stew, and cowboy culture. See dancers at an annual joropo festival in Villavicencio and cowboys competing in a coleo event.

Pacific Region (04:30)

Salsa expert Camilo Zamora lives in Cali. He is a dancer, choreographer and costume designer in "Delirio," a show combining Afro-Colombian heritage with salsa. He provides an overview of local cuisine and music.

Caribbean Region (04:39)

Historian and tour guide Paola Forero introduces vallenato music from Valledupar. She visits Ricardo Yafanye, a member of the indigenous Arhuaco community. Learn about mochila bags, gaitas, cumbia folk dance, and Caribbean cuisine.

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Colombia is a country steeped in tradition as rich as its world-famous coffee and as diverse as the people who live there. From the coffee farms in the cool Andean Mountains to the hottest salsa show in Cali; from the rugged cowboys in the vast Eastern Plains to the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada in the north, the Colombian people are proud to celebrate their diversity in music, dance and food. Join CNN on a journey through four starkly different regions of the country, guided by the very people who call Colombia their home.

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