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Introduction: Transbeauty (02:49)


Beauty queens compete in the Miss International Queen 2016 pageant in southeast Asia. Thailand draws thousands of tourists a year. Women will be judged on appearance, poise, and personality. (Credits)

Representing the United States (03:28)

Camille Anderson is a registered nurse who lives in Los Angeles, California and was born biologically male. Being a part of the Miss International Queen pageant is a dream come true. The beauty queen describes her transition.

Family Support (03:27)

Eric Garrett is a practicing Catholic who struggled with his daughter's transition, but has learned not to be judgmental. Marco, Anderson's husband, encourages her dream of becoming a beauty queen. Tomorrow she will fly to Thailand to compete in the Miss International Queen 2016 pageant.

Miss International Queen: Opening Event (04:09)

Twenty-four contestants vie for the crown, wearing their national dress. Anderson represents the U.S. in a Wonder Woman costume. Transgender competitors from around the world describe transitioning and their family's reaction.

Miss International Queen: Bikini Shoot (04:41)

Participants attend several events in perfect attire, makeup, and hair. Miss Philippines poses in a swimsuit. Transgender competitors are more worried about their appearance than biologically born women.

Thailand Welcomes Transgendered Individuals (03:03)

Transgender rights are under threat in the United States. Buddhism recognizes an additional gender. The Sister Center is an advocacy group for transgender rights.

Outreach Mission (04:03)

Approximately 75% of transgender women work in the sex trade in Pattaya, Thailand. The Sister Center gives out condoms to prostitutes. Bars employ Ladyboys who work as dancers.

Miss International Queen: Evening Wear (03:52)

Anderson poses for her official pageant photo. Marco describes meeting her and knowing she was transgender; he does not consider himself heterosexual or homosexual.

Miss International Queen: Final Dress Rehearsal (02:05)

Competitors discuss the friendship and camaraderie they feel towards with other contestants. There is only one winner.

Miss International Queen: Interview Portion (03:04)

Socialites and influencers ask competitors questions to determine if they can be a good spokesman for the transgender community. Anderson discusses her career with the panel.

Miss International Queen: Final Event (02:49)

The telecast is broadcast in Thailand and around the world. Competitors discuss appearing in the pageant.

Miss International Queen: Winner (04:25)

Anderson is in the top ten. Andrea Collazo and Nathalie De Oliveira make the top three. Competitors celebrate off stage while Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin from Thailand wins the crown. (Credits)

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