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Ross Symons: Origami (07:53)


"Ori" means to fold and "gami" means paper. Symons demonstrates how to make a butterfly and explains his 365 project on Instagram. Sipho Mabona creates pop-art installations.

Alun Be: Photographer (07:20)

The moment a person smiles, something beautiful appears. Be photographs a friend outside a colonial-era building. He describes his relationship with his father and studying architecture; his latest exhibition includes photographic portraits and drawings.

Jide Martins: Cartoon Artist (06:41)

Martins describes his childhood, developing an interest in fashion, and creating African superheroes. Comic Book Republic wants to represent the diversity of Africa and tell moral stories. His motorcycle club knows him as "Tank."

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Art Reimagined

Part of the Series : African Voices
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Using materials that are tried and true to create something new is a challenge almost every artist faces. We follow three African artists reimagining the role of art.

Length: 23 minutes

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