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Introduction: The Stone Carvers (03:24)


Italian immigrant Vincent Palumbo’s family has been in the stone carving business for five generations. He started carving at 9 years old, and he is among the last traditional stone carvers left.

Technique Demonstrated (02:29)

There are two basic methods of stone carving: free-hand carving, in which the artist is relatively free to express his own imagination; and “working the model,” in which the carver exactly replicates a sculptor’s clay model. Palumbo demonstrates the use of carving tools.

Stone Carver Gathering (04:41)

Palumbo explains the role that music plays in traditional stone carving. He explains that he has been working on Washington Cathedral for more than two decades, since he moved to the United States in 1961. He shares a toast and breaks bread with fellow artisans.

Borrowing Style (03:51)

Roger Morigi and another veteran carver explain the importance of borrowing elements of other carvers’ techniques to come up with their own style. Morigi recalls the funny and heart-warming story about borrowing another artisan’s tools.

Dying Tradition (04:16)

Palumbo and company joke about the second oldest profession, a dying art that is in danger of fading away, like the carrier pigeon. They discuss Rockefeller Chapel, the U.S. Capitol and other historic buildings that were shaped by artisans like themselves.

Cathedral Visit (07:17)

Palumbo and another carver put the finishing touches on a statue’s arm, which they add to a larger work. Palumbo and Morigi visit a cathedral. Morigi recalls the fun he and co-workers had creating its gargoyles, and he reveals a few hidden jokes.

Credits: The Stone Carvers (00:57)

Credits: The Stone Carvers

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A portrait of the traditional Italian-American artisans who carved the gargoyles and statues of Washington Cathedral, featuring Roger Morigi and Vincent Palumbo. "The Stone Carvers" won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short, and a national Emmy Award for Best Documentary Director.

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