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Achieving Financial Independence (03:34)


Hazel Henderson welcomes Vicki Robin, author of "Your Money or Your Life." This program will examine how global markets have changed since the first edition of the book. Invest locally in real estate to produce security.

Targeting a New Audience (05:43)

Young people feel lost upon entering the job market; investors need an entrepreneurial spirit. Pensions and loyalty no longer exist. Robin describes the ABC's of wealth; Henderson explains forms of capitol.

Humans are Social Creatures (05:35)

The three FIs are financial integrity, intelligence, and interdependence. Individual choices impact many others. Henderson and Robin discuss community and the growing trend toward self-reliance.

Creating a Dialogue (06:09)

"Your Money or Your Life" contains a deck of cards with questions people can answer about money. Individuals can be controlled because they refuse to answer financial questions. Robin discusses the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement.

Creating Change (02:36)

Henderson discusses mobilizing the FIRE movement to address climate change. Nexus Global is a group of Millennials who try to convince their families to diversify portfolios to greener technologies.

Credits: Your Money or Your Life (00:55)

Credits: Your Money or Your Life

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Your Money or Your Life

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In this program Hazel Henderson discusses with author Vicki Robin how the financial markets have changed since her book Your Money or Your Life, originally co-authored with Joe Dominguez, was first published in 1993. This perennial best-seller was updated again by Vicki Robin in 2018 and found a new audience of half a million Millennial followers. Vicki describes how investing has changed to focus more locally on personal growth and achievements. Vicki’s new fame includes interviews in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the cover of Money Magazine.

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