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Jesus the Jew (04:22)


Jesus Christ was Jewish by birth and was part of the repressed people within the Roman Empire. Many Jewish leaders created groups to fight against Roman rule, including Jesus.

Jesus in Bethlehem (04:11)

The story goes that Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem, where Joseph was from, and Mary gave birth there. The Bible states the reason for the trip as a census, which does not line up with historical records. A Jewish prophecy stated a future ruler of Israel would be born in Bethlehem.

Jesus in Nazareth (05:10)

The story of Jesus growing up Jewish in his small village has been mostly lost and replaced with a more Christian upbringing. He eventually became a follower of John the Baptist and continued his work in Galilee.

Jesus in Galilee (05:22)

Jesus split off from John the Baptist and announced his prophecies about the kingdom of God at the Sea of Galilee. Numerous churches sit on the sites where Jesus performed miracles. Many of the disciples were fishermen on the sea.

Jesus the Rabbi (04:49)

Jesus preached and taught in a synagogue in Galilee. Though Christians believe he went against Jewish practices, Jewish scholars believe he used acceptable methods of Jewish debate.

Jesus' Call to Jerusalem (05:52)

The move to Jerusalem increased Jesus' following and helped him be remembered after his death. He believed it was only right for a prophet to die in the city. Jesus first went to the temple in Jerusalem during Passover.

The Last Supper (03:56)

The story goes that Jesus and his disciples had a meal the night before his arrest. For Christians, it is known as the last supper, while Jews view it as a Passover meal.

Jesus in the Kidron Valley (02:58)

Gethsemane, within the valley, plays an important role in Jesus' last days in The Bible. In Judaism, it is a burial ground and place for rituals.

Jesus on the Via Dolorosa (05:00)

The path from the site of Jesus' trial to his crucifixion is a popular tourism destination. The Bible places the blame for Jesus' death on the Jews, despite Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor, giving the sentence.

Jesus and Antisemitism (05:22)

Early Christians blamed the Jewish majority for Jesus’ death. The hatred continues throughout history as Christianity grew into the dominate religion.

Credits: The Lives Of Jesus: Jesus The Jew (00:36)

Credits: The Lives Of Jesus: Jesus The Jew

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